Cold little feet at 6am

Trying to figure out this blog thingy I was up rather later than I should have been, it was after midnight when I eventually crawled up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire and then thanks to my devoted mog Pippa it was a bit later that I eventually dozed off.   I’m quite used to her curling up beside me, she has been doing it for the nearly eight years that I have had the pleasure of her company but the purr seemed rather noisy last night for some reason…

So when the beloved daughter smack smacked her feet across the laminate floor of the bedroom this morning I feigned slumber and kept quiet, undeterred she climbed up and snuggled in next to me declaring “I had a big sleep Mummy” and dug her very cold toes into my thighs, uuggghhh…..

Next we heared the chorus of “Mummy Mummy mummy” coming from my son’s room, well there is no hope for me then, so we all got up and the day had begun.

We visited the baby clinic this morning to weight the smalls, the first time this year,there is 3 kg between them so it won’t be long before the little brother overtakes the big sister, everything else seems fine.  After that we went to the library to pick up his 2 yr old book start pack, seems a bit thin on the books and is full of advert stuff but he was very pleased with it’s shiny green bag and the look of delight at the crayons was lovely, he has a bucket full of crayons which he loves and at 2 you can never get enough crayons…

Then as the sun is out and enjoying itself today we went to the park, swings are favourite with both of them, he struggles to get to the slide because it’s over one of those rope ladder things but he won’t be helped – oh no! Luckily I was able to get away from the park painlessly due to the incentive of “snack time” pom bears when we got home, bribery and corruption, I know, i must be a very bad mother, right….


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