Scaredy-cat blogger

Woooow, after tweeting that I started a new blog I was surprised to feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of other people reading it, although I decided there was little point in keeping it to myself – what would that achieve?  I have only been back on Twitter just under a week, (yes back, I was alarmed last time how much of my info was on Google and deleted my Twitter page in a fit of pique) and most of the people I actually know whom I follow are not active.  Somehow the anonymity of other tweeters is far less threatening than “real people”, so when I updated my status on Facebook I suddenly hit a “oh s**t” crisis and I thought I’d better stop to think about this because it’s STUPID!

Mt Facebook friends consist of my family, my friends from over the years, more recent friends and acquaintance, work colleagues and a large selection of friends from the Metropolis game which I play daily – it’s a social network site, connecting with people is what life is all about.

I’m a regular status updater, I love it, the quick quirky status updates that cause a page long discussion are my favourite and I have several “followers” who wade the gaming rubbish to check on what I have been up to or thinking about and contributing their halfpennarthworth, so why should this be any different?  Probably because a blog requires so much more of yourself …. It’s not 140 twitter characters, it’s not the five or six lines you can extend to on Facebook, on the other hand I guess it’s my blog and if I should want to write 2 words one day and 640 another thats just fine and I should seriously chill out!

But I’m still quaking – what’s up with me?

2 Responses to Scaredy-cat blogger

  1. Emma says:

    You should of seen what I was like when I first started out! I had 2 blogs before I was even pregnant which I deleted in fear of people reading them! Over time I had built up a kinda blogging confidence via my blog & twitter!! I like to think that blogging has made me more of a confident person in real life! 🙂

  2. I think blogging can be a bit daunting at first, but once you have a circle of friends it is easier to connect with another circle, and so it goes. Good luck with it all, you’ll be fine.

    CJ xx

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