Slide little man!

Such a wondrously sunny day do you not think?  Glorious here in our little corner of Wiltshire so we decided to go to the park again (we were there yesterday too).  The smalls love the flowers planted in their display beds, we have hyacinths in white and purple rectangles on one side and bright red tulips on the other and the smell is overwhelming :-).

They charged to the roundabout today, my least favourite as it is really really hard to push and you can never get up a decent speed. Then it was the jungle jim thingy with the rope ladder that my little man won’t do and the slide. Whilst he was charging up and down the steps I noticed a bouncy castle by the band stand “Anyone want to go and see the bouncy castle?” “me please!” and “eeese!” were the replies, so off we trotted.

Actually it was a giant bouncy slide, £1.50 a go but no time limit, wish I had remembered the camera!  Herself was fine, she has no fear, looking to Mummy to provide the whoops of congratulations as she charged up the steps and slid down backwards on her tummy. He followed her down once looking petrified the entire time but climbed back and sat up at the top and refused to come down for over 30 minutes. He was enjoying himself though, watching the boats and the man on the ride-on mower, after throwing every bit of ammo I had at him – no to pom bears, no to juice, not worried that Mummy was leaving, I gave up and went up and got him.


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