Things that go bump in the night

Rolling over in bed last night I woke up with a start when I met with someone on my left side that wasn’t a cat, (bad habit but Pippy often curls up in my left arm, she was my first baby) the beloved daughter had got into bed next to me while I was asleep, this is unusual for her, if she wakes in the night she normally will shake me until I wake, that’s if the fact she is moving about doesn’t trigger that “Mummyalert” I seem to have built in.

Looking at my clock it said 1.42am – groan, “what’s up” said I, “I can’t sleep” said she, right, back to bed for her, she got back in her own bed snuggled down with teddy and was asleep within a minute, bless.

It got me thinking about the sleep deprivation thing though, from about 4 months pregnant with her I had terrible trouble sleeping, I moved into the then spare room because I was competing with the husband for fog horn of the year, the running back and forth from the bathroom due to lack of bladder space, trying to get through the working day with so little sleep.  Pregnancy with my son had all that plus the most colourful and exciting dreams ( I miss those!).  It was all preparation for the marathon of breast on demand really wasn’t it…

My husband didn’t ever do night feeds, yep, I could have expressed like the best but firstly it would have been me shaking him awake for an hour to get up and do it – pointless exercise,  secondly, he drives for most of the 13 – 15 hours he’s at work every day and I do need him to come home in one piece so that was that, thirdly and on reflection only, I don’t think I would have wanted to miss all those small wee hours of the night snuggling my little bundle of joy, now they both seem so huge and you can never get it back, it didn’t last long enough.

Actually off topic for a second, I wish I could go back to when my daughter was a newborn, I was in such a frenzy of the unknown I was too scared to make the most of that time….. While the time machine is here, 1996 was a very fine year, can I take Rob Pattinson back with me?

My two generally sleep fine, the little miss likes her structured evening routine 7.15pm jimjammin, bed, story, 3 songs, cd player on, night light – she plays for a while up there sometimes and we do get the odd visit downstairs.  He is sooo different, he has always been a sensory deprivation baby, no music, no light, if there is any kind of “entertainment”  he won’t sleep, he has never slept in his buggy or car seat much for this reason.  He gets a bed time song and a cuddle, into bed and asleep.  Sometimes I here him cooing to his teddy, but not often.  Yes, mostly they do sleep though until at least 5am, but I don’t – which brings us back to the “mummyalert”

I once read about a mother who slept through a huge earthquake only to wake at the end of it because her baby started crying.  It’s so like that isn’t it.  As I said before, my husband is rather loud in the snoring department and sometimes he does wake me but mostly he doesn’t, Pippa cat is up and down like a yoyo at night, I think she is an undercover Secret Agent Cat because she keeps a watch out the windows at various times – I am not disturbed by this much, my son talking or whimpering in his sleep in the next room will wake me every time! Bing! Awake!

After her early morning ramble she slept through until 7.30, how pleasant, the husband got up at 5.30am a lie in for him and he was shouting “Mummy” at 7, all in all not a bad start to the day.

3 Responses to Things that go bump in the night

  1. Emma says:

    I cant wait until the day I get a full nights sleep! My little chubber wants milk still twice a night! Which means I make up a feed for him and then pop into him and then go back to bed. Jon does it one night a weekend just so I can have that break from not getting out of bed – But I still hear him awake and have to nudge Jon to go!
    I secretly cant wait until the first time Oli sneaks into bed with me!! 🙂

  2. kailexness says:

    Have you tried that night time milk it’s much heavier, Alex had that for a while until I started putting those small heinz pasta stars in his evening meal to bulk it up..hehehe

  3. Northern Bird says:

    Awwww, I miss those days! My youngest is now 13 but she was a good baby. Down at 8pm, up when I woke her at 7.30am. But we do have that built in ‘mummyalert’! My middle one who is 18 next month was a fantastic baby and child! As soon as you put him down he was away in dreamland. Nothing woke him, but my eldest was hyperactive. I remember the nights of 11.30pm – still woke – 1.30am – dropped off – 4.30am – wide awake. Funny how they’re all different and yet all brought up the same way. Their personalities already appearing! So glad you got to stay in bed until 7 🙂

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