Garden project…

This weekend we kicked off our horticultural project in the garden. It all started with a discussion about the need for a wall/fence along the edge of the grass, our son is not always aware of things around him and we were concerned he would fall off or run off the edge – he could make that happen easily! So rather than just putting in a fence we thought we would put in a long box to grow veggies in.

I’d like to throw in a disclaimer about here – I have no idea what I’m doing and I’m referring to websites and library books left right and center and I feel totally out of my depth – It will probably all be planted wrong, too close together in the wrong soil and fed all wrong and won’t grow but hey ho, I’m trying!

We are not going all “Good life” (I could never be as glam as Felicity Kendal in wellies) because in our semi detached estate house you just don’t get enough garden for that, of course if Daddy hadn’t built a 6ft deep Koi pond across the back we could have had a bit more veg!!! Still, I thought it was important that our children knew that vegetables and fruit doesn’t magically appear at Morrison’s but takes care and time to get there.

The boxes themselves have been constructed out of old pallets that Daddy accumulated via work so they were free, which is just as well because the compost has cost a fortune! They look very rough at the moment because he didn’t quite have enough to finish them and he intends to sand them and stain them (not holding my breath btw..) Some of the soil has been shipped up from the Mother in Laws (MIL), Daddy and the Little Miss have been working hard digging her a pond recently, the rest and majority of it is compost and well rotted farm manure.

My daughter loves planting seeds, we have some tomato, cucumber and pepper seedlings from her sowing activities, the more tomato plants the better as I need plenty of green ones for green tomato chutney later this year. We also have various lettuces, sweetcorn, cauliflowers, sprouts, courgette and pumpkins to go in and have sown potatoes, carrots and beetroot. Little Miss loved the beetroot seeds they look a bit like cartoon moon rock – bizarre! We have 3 gooseberry bushes, due to limited pace we have to keep them trim hence having 3, a raspberry cane and a tayberry, A cherry tree hidden behind the trampoline which means the birds leave it alone. In pots we have Rhubarb and the most gorgeous patio Blueberry which I have to say is my favourite, if chocolate could grow on trees it would be as good as that. There is also horseradish, chives and mint and I have basil to sow too.

Hopefully I should be able to potter out there for 30 minutes to an hour a day to keep on top of it all and I’m really looking forward to the children picking something they have helped grow and then helping me cook it. Yum yum!

2 Responses to Garden project…

  1. WOW sounds great, I am growing veg as well, didnt have a very sucessful year last year so I am hoping for a better crop this time.

    Goodluck, nothing tastes better than home grown fruit and veg

  2. sandrine says:

    That sounds great, and I hope you and the kids have lots of fun growing food. I had a garden once in the UK, and I was a complete beginner, but loved it. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as picking your own lettuce for lunch and the chives to go on it!
    Please keep us updated with pictures!

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