Disarming Sympathy

Week two of The Kindness Club, this weeks task was to smile at a stranger at least once a day, although a brilliant idea for us all, any time it has been like a weapon in my arsenal this week…

Last Sunday morning, my two little terrors were being their usual selves, running up and down finding all the noisy tuneful toys and chucking things about liberally, like any morning really but last Sunday was the Chinese Grand Prix. One of the only GP’s which is on quite so early in the morning and Daddy had got up for it – it’s the only sport he really follows, there is no football and rarely rugby in our house, so I took the smalls upstairs to have a loll about in Mummies bed.

We were having lovely cuddles when the little man decided to start jumping around, I was in the process of asking him to stop when he lost his balance and jumped backwards smashing the back of his head into my face – my word that hurt!

He caught me just above the right eye on the brow bone, (after I stopped crying) I applied a bag of frozen sweetcorn and spent the next couple of hours sitting like that with my head feeling like it was about to split open, it is still tender a week later, the result of this clash was a bright red, large black eye for Mummy and a bewildered little man who must have a very hard head!

So, Monday morning, I took my daughter to nursery as usual, large black eye and a jolly smile fixed on my face deflecting the looks of sympathy, curiosity or disapproval – yes! Disapproval! what are people like!

The nursery staff asked me what had happened and so did my good friends husband dropping off his son and I could see they believed me. Of course then I had to do shopping, the lady in the bakery who is usually friendly wouldn’t meet my eye but everyone else looking at me got a blazing hot smile, teeth the works and it seemed the best policy because most people smiled back and stopped looking.

The rest of the week continued in much the same way, anyone I knew asked, everyone else stared and was then disarmed – result for me but perhaps not the one Susie was after *giggles*

One Response to Disarming Sympathy

  1. Susie says:

    Thanks! LOL at the story.

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