The little man’s 2nd birthday

Well, there he is, my “baby” boy, on his second birthday.

It only seems like yesterday that he arrived, face all screwed up and crying, the exact same weight as his big sister.

When the little miss came to the hospital to meet him she was really pleased with him, she was more taken with the fact she was staying at Nana’s on her own, I felt a bit bereft when she left the hospital with Nana, happy as larry…

He’s a little demolition derby, he’s like a whirlwind in action, from the moment I hear him shout “Mummmyyy, down Mummy” in the morning until the minute he finally succumbs to sleep at night. He does give me a break in the afternoon for a swift nap. I lift him out of the cot (which he hasn’t tried to get out of himself thank goodness!) and he’s off, trotting down the corridor at top gallop, his first wordonce up is his sisters name, he worships her, she gets huge hugs!
Like his Father before him, he likes to take things part to see how they work, if it’s loose it gets pulled off, if it’d fixed it gets waggled until it is loose and gets pulled off, I’m looking forward to him learning how to fix things.

Drawing is a big favourite and he will sit studiously creating squiggles and swirls for ages, we keep his crayons in a bucket which he happily grabs two from, one in each hand.
He loves trains and cars, it’s a enigma, before he cae along she had one or two cars which she played with on and off preferring her teddy and pushchair, he found them and it was love at first sight (that and pretending to phone people with all sorts of things pressed to his ear saying “el-lo” at top volume).

Despite his love of Thomas and all things with wheels he doesn’t like watching him on the telly, he loves “peppy” Peppa Pig and thats what he asks for, Peppa is his sisters  favourite too…

One Response to The little man’s 2nd birthday

  1. Susie says:

    happy birthday!!!!!!!!!

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