The Princess thing…

Anyone who knows me will tell you I have a thing about the colour pink – I dislike pink and all it represents, the girly fluffy feminine barbie princess stuff, pink is for girls and girls must wear pink – bahumbug!

When my niece was born my sister was given a lot of clothing for the baby, it was ALL pink, so when my little madam came along I asked people – not too much pink please!

Now she is 3 and half she gets to choose a lot of the time, I grind my teeth and let her do her thing and as we enjoy the benefits of a lot of handmedowns quite a bit of what she wears to nursery is pink and yes, she loves it…

Dress up is her favourite at the moment and here she is in all her finery.

It’s a phase, I know, next will probably be gothic…

What makes you grit your teeth as they forge their way into independence ?

Always lovely to hear from you!

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