Grumpy smalls

OMG! sometimes even the loveliest of smalls are grumpy and hard work, my two have spent the last two days stomping feet and refusing, refusing to eat (him) refusing to do as told (her) stomping feet, growling – yes, growling…

We have done crayoning, sticking, planting seeds, watering plants. trampolining, cooking, watching TV, building blocks, building tents and much much more, I have counted to 5 a 100 times and the naughty step has a new wear mark in the carpet.

They have cried for Daddy, for Nana, shouted it’s not fair, thrown cars, thrown food, spilled juice, jumped on each other, jumped on me, I’m exhausted!

I just went upstairs and tucked them in, they are both asleep, calm, angelic, peaceful, comfy in their little beds, they are so beautiful and lovely and I know without a doubt that I will wake up tomorrow and try again and again to keep them happy and love them.


One Response to Grumpy smalls

  1. Susie says:

    And it continues and continues. But there are great moments.

    I find that the worst are the days I have no energy or patience-they smell it.

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