A Change is as good as a Rest

It’s true is it not? A change is as good as a rest if it’s the right sort of change.

Monday morning.  The little man woke at 6.30am shouting his head off and for once that was ok, I had a early night last due to being horribly hung over yesterday ( more about that another time, maybe) so I got him out of his cot and collected Teddy and we went down for breakfast, the little lady joined us about 7am, babbling on happily about what the day was going to hold for her (nursery, trikes, painting, Daddy coming home etc) We got dressed, jackets and sun hats because although it was a beautiful blue shiny morning here in Wiltshire it is still a bit chilly, gathered the little ladies lunch box and the little man’s ruck sack and we were off.

He enjoyed the walk to nursery, it’s not far and it passes the neighbours friendly cat Socks who runs out to say hello and likes his ears scratched and a building site with diggers and men in yellow hats that need to be exclaimed at all very interesting to a two year old, I had the usual run of questions from the little lady, “who is that Mummy” “what are they doing” “what is that called” which I answered in the usual fashion “I don’t know, I have never met her” “Digging up the path again Darling” “It’s a Grit bin for making the path safe in Winter remember” followed by a discussion on how we both loved the snow.  We arrived at nursery and took off jackets and hats put the lunch box on the tray hung up the rucksack and they were off.. No Bye Mummy this morning, no backward glance…

I stopped long enough to pay my weekly bill and chat to my friends husband (about the state of her hangover) and the little man ran out of the play room and looked up at me, he smiled and said “Mummy” turned around and ran off again, so I made a quick exit.

Standing outside I took a very deep breath, I might as well be stranded on an alien planet, no smalls, no pushchair, no husband – just me, weird yet oddly familiar because I did once live a very independent and solo existence.  So I started to walk into town.

I did toy with the idea of going to the city to enjoy some faster pace atmosphere and buzz, as it was the little mans first day at nursery I decided to stay local just in case it all went horribly wrong and they needed me to collect him.  I thought of having something “done” like a facial, things that ladies normally enjoy, the local salon did phone me to say they could do something but honestly, I didn’t really want to share my time with anyone even in the context of having some pampering.

I had to take the library books back because otherwise we were going to get a fine, then I bought some bones for the dog, I tried on some trousers in the clothes shop using one of the smaller booths due to being pushchair free, bought myself a book in the red cross shop and stopped off at a cafe for a Latte and scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast.Mmmmmm…

I walked home. I got Poppy the dog, I went for a lovely long walk with her running about like a lunatic, came home then set off to pick up the little man.

All morning with the exception of talking to three of my neighbours and a mummy friend I met in town, I have only spoken when absolutely necessary and my head has been a quiet tranquil place of very little happening in it at all. It is truly magnificent!  It has reminded me that I am no fan of noise, on my own I choose not to have the TV on, I rarely listen to music at home or in the car and of course with two smalls running around and their love of Peppa Pig et al silence is a very rare commodity and one to be savoured.

I must be calm and I must be rested because I didn’t lose it with Poppy when she dug up my sprouts to bury her bone….

So now the question must be asked, what shall I do next Monday morning!


3 Responses to A Change is as good as a Rest

  1. I would comment but I am far to jealous to even type ; )
    (But if I did, I would say that sounds like a wonderful way to spend your morning x )

  2. Jane says:

    Fabulous writing – again!

    I’m glad the state of hangovers wasn’t too literally described on here – it wouldn’t have painted such a good picture your writings have! As usual, you have captured and held my interest, from the first to the last word. Nice one! Perhaps it’s time to print off your blogs and send them to some kind of literary person in the big or small smoke.

    Next Monday – do the same, enjoy the tranquility in your head – I know you, it’s better than having a pamper. You’ll get far more out of it.

    Post the next ‘ramblings’ – I’m interested in the graffiti article…………………………………

    • kailexness says:

      I may have to dress up the graffiti in a ramble about weddings – no names no pack drill… LOL!

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