Wedding Bliss

Like a lot of people I love a good wedding, I’m not the weepy sort of wedding follower in fact in general I don’t mind missing the ceremony all together that comes under the heading of “the boring bit”….

Brides always look beautiful on their wedding day, it’s not the virginal white dress or the careful make up, it’s not the thousand pound-odd location, the fancy car or the clever photography. Fat, thin, super model beautiful or just plain old ordinary, it’s the inner glow, the sheer happiness, the big grins and the soppy love filled eyes. Not my favourite part of the wedding though…

The wedding breakfast, yum, 3 course meal with free wine – need I say more…

Shame about having to listen to a load of speeches though but hey! The speeches are generally followed by the PARTY!

I love a good knees up at a wedding, band or disco I don’t care, give me wine and a dance floor with a load of happy friends and relatives and I can’t help strutting my funky stuff even though I look like a sack of potatoes and “Dance like me Dad”  I’m sure I’m an embarrassment to everyone around me but frankly my dear I don’t give a damn, I’m never more lost inside myself than when drunk and boogieing.

Weddings though are a hot bed of happenings, my husband and I attended a fabulous wedding last weekend, it was an evening only invite which I usually dread.  I hate turning up half way through a wedding with everyone who has been there all day already happy and settled in their surroundings I always feel like a gatecrasher, however for some reason last Saturdays was different, maybe it’s because a good friend of mine had been there all day and although it’s my husband’s friend who was the groom I have met the bride socially and a few of her friends too.  It is probably also because you couldn’t wish to meet a nicer more diverse group of people.

The atmosphere was lovely, happy and relaxed, the groom plays in a band and they provided the music in the evening with the members moving in and out easily, there was some show casing going on but who can blame him, it was his wedding day!  In the main room with the dancers was a piano and on this had been placed a great photograph of the happy couple with a nice wide frame for the guests to write their best wishes. Don’t ask me what I wrote because I couldn’t tell you except it was polite and loving – I had a few extras that evening.  Soon after me I noticed one of their other friends sit at the piano and start writing with concentration, “That’s nice, she’s giving it great thought”  I mused to myself and wandered off in the direction of the husband and the bar.

A little later the friend I saw writing came and sat next to me, she was behaving fairly sheepishly and her partner was glaring at her with extreme disapproval. “Whats going on”  I asked “I’ve been a bit naughty” she said, this lovely friend with a great sense of mischief had drawn a goatee beard on the bride!

Obviously she was now a bit aware of the repercussions of her actions, so I told her to “fess up” before 1) they noticed or 2) someone told them, so she called the Groom over and fessed up good.

He said, that it was fine because they were going to use a wedding photo in that frame and all was well in the world – lovely man.

Later that evening someone added devils horns to them both, what are people like!


2 Responses to Wedding Bliss

  1. LOL-so very mature. 🙂

  2. Nat says:

    LOL that’s hilarious!

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