Broken Laptop

I’m totally devastated, my lap top screen has stopped functioning, just as I was getting into the swing of blogging and tweeting and getting so much out of it – bam it’s gone.

Currently I’m using the husbands laptop, why can’t you just use that I hear you ask? Because he is very particular about it, it’s pristine and if anything happened to it I would be in the doo doo forever…. It’s not worth the trouble. It also has windows 7 on it which is really different to vista.

So I shall have to get here when I can, I have so many thoughts going around my brain for blogging I might have to resort to writing them down with a pen!


2 Responses to Broken Laptop

  1. it is very scary how losing your computer feels like losing a limb.

  2. Max Akroyd says:

    Hope you’re back soon. My hard drive box thing is making sounds like a cheap hairdryer, so I might be joining you in the non-virtual void very soon…

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