Old Tales

This week I had a bit of trouble with The Kindness Club suggestion of visiting the Elderly, not because I don’t actually know any one Elderly enough in my community to foist myself and the smalls on for half an hour, although that is true, but because until recently I had my own special elderly couple to visit, my grandparents.

I used to take the children to visit Nana and Gramp every couple of weeks. Before the smalls came along and I worked in the area they lived I used to pop in for lunch on Fridays.  It didn’t take a lot to set them off on a tale or two about the war or the family and I would sit and listen, fascinating stuff. I would give a fair amount to be able to sit with them for a little while again.

Sadly they have both gone now, Gramp at 91 4 years ago and Nana at 93 2 years ago, I miss them very much, often.

A soon as I get my lappy back I shall pop in a picture.


One Response to Old Tales

  1. Susie says:

    That’s so lovely that they lived such a long life and surrounded by people who loved them.

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