Cafe Culture

I have always felt it is important for my little darlings to know how to behave in a cafe/restaurant surrounding, after years of working in such establishments having OPC’s charging around whilst I try to carry hot pots of tea or a huge tray of steaming meat, I appreciate the need for their behaviour to be contained.

We are not talking about noise, other people can sit elsewhere if they don’t like noise and we are not talking about mess, most establishments understand cake on the carpet and mucky table cloths.  That is just to be expected. It’s  just the safety factor that concerns me.

Practice makes perfect, so I have been taking my pair of noisy messy kids to cafe’s since they were born, mostly our local tea shop where the owners now greet us like old friends. I started meeting a friend there when my daughter was a few weeks old, her son was born on the same day and we happily whiled away the odd morning with tea and breastfeeding together, when the Little Man was born I just continued although now my friend has gone back to work I still pop in occasionally to keep them familiar with the idea of food and drink in public.

On our last visit the little lady was lovely, she sat in a big chair and had a big girls cup, read the hungry caterpillar book and chatted to anyone who would talk to her, the little man gets strapped in a booster seat as he is “uncontainable unless restrained”  he had some toys and a few books to peruse and a juice and we shared some teacake, read the books and giggled at people in the street – these are the moments that I live for, happy smalls enjoying being with Mummy – I relished it.


2 Responses to Cafe Culture

  1. Susie says:

    LOL at the fact the you used your kids as an excuse to get to cafes. Am thinking it was more like you wanted to go the cafe. 🙂

    • kailexness says:

      I love going to cafe’s LOL, if it is in the name of education I’m all for it ;-D

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