Self Portrait – The Gallery (12)

After blogging in my gallery entry last week that the picture of my Dad and I on my wedding day was a one off Tara at Sticky Fingers has caught me off guard with her theme for this week which is self portrait.  Not a subject close to my heart as like so many women I hate seeing pictures of me, however I do have one photo taken in 1997 which I embrace as me and the great women who helped make me me…. There is nothing like looking at you roots to know who you are and understand where you come from, my 3 year old daughter has a habit of sitting at the dinner table running through “Nana is your Mummy isn’t she Mummy and Nana Kit was her Mummy, Nanny is Daddy’s Mummy” it gets very tiring to answer the same thing all the time, yet somehow thrilling that she is finding her place in the world by the generations who came before her.

L>R  My Grandmother, Me, My Mother and my Great Aunty Sybil

Lets hope I don’t have to post any more pics of me next week 🙂

20 Responses to Self Portrait – The Gallery (12)

  1. A lovely and cherished memory.

    CJ xx

  2. wow, I wish I had a pic like this. My mums mum died when she was 5 so no family pics for us…

    • kailexness says:

      Sorry to hear that Sian, I have been really lucky with my Grandmother, she past away 2 years ago when I was 37, soon after my son was born, she did get a cuddle in with him though.

  3. Him Up North says:

    Great inter-generational pic! As someone who’s been grandparent-less since I was 12, it’s nice to see such photos.

  4. jfb57 says:

    How lovely to see you all together! It shows us where you came from. Lovely to meet you!

  5. Nickie (Typecast) says:

    Great family pic – I’ve got one of five generations somewhere – a much cherished photo 🙂

    • kailexness says:

      5 generations, wow! That’s lovely!
      My Great Grandmother made it to 99 so if the war hadn’t delayed my grandmother getting married and I hadn’t spent so long finding mrright we may have just about scraped that one in, such is life

  6. nixdminx says:

    That’s great – I love photos like that. I don’t have any older relatives and grew up without aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins, so I’m always fascinated by other people’s family.

    • kailexness says:

      Perhaps you could borrow them sometime LOL! Come armed with wine and you will fit it a treat 🙂

  7. parklover says:

    That’s a lovely photo, I bet your daughter loves looking at it, if she’s anything like my 3 year old. We also have a similar conversation quite often, “Grandma Pam is your Mummy” etc.

    • kailexness says:

      Love little girls, my stepmum said my step sister did it too.

  8. Nova says:

    What a fantastic picture to have. :0)

  9. What a lovely photograph – your very lucky 🙂

  10. Michelle says:

    Lovely photo with all of you together.

  11. Cheshire Mum says:

    That’s a great family memory, you and the women that made you you – love it! Thanks for sharing x

  12. MuddynoSugar says:

    I love this picture, I love seeing lots of generations together.

  13. TheMadHouse says:

    What a fantastic generation picture. I never knew either of my grans you are very lucky

  14. Susie says:

    Gosh I so should have taken a picture like this two years ago when me, my two daughters, my mother, sisters and grandmother were all in one room.

  15. JulieB says:

    What a lovely picture – no wonder you cherish it so much. Nice to finally put a face to a name, too (I’m sure you haven’t changed a bit in the meantime!)

    • kailexness says:

      no of course not, 13 years later and 2 kids, still look exactly the same! LOL!

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