Big Boy Bedtime

When is the right time to change the cot for a bed?

My daughter was 21 months old and we went on holiday to a cottage in Devon, there was one cot so the little man at 2 month got it, the little lady slept on the bottom bunk bed with a side guard and when we got home we took the sides off her cot bed and that was it.  So I’m wondering at 25 months whether I should unleash the little man into the world of unrestrained sleeping (or rather early rising) or let him keep the cot whilst he is not trying to climb out of it?

I’m beginning to think my reasons for keeping him in his cot are purely selfish.

He wakes often in the night, two or three times, usually because he has lost his dummy (I know I should have got rid of that ages ago but it is so useful to have a settling tool with a second child…) if he was in a bed I think he would come looking for us rather than searching for his dummy.

My other half often gets up VERY early and the little man is often disturbed by him, do I want a toddler up at 3.30am – no I don’t!

In the mornings he often wakes about 5am and after chatting for 10 minutes or so he goes back to sleep, I think he would get up if he could, the fact he can’t helps him sleep longer.

My bedtime routine at the moment with him is bath, milk, song, bed, he is usually asleep within 30 minutes.  He has always needed sensory deprivation to settle, not sure why it was the only thing that ever worked with him, blackout, no music, dummy = sleep, I think if he knows he can get up and play he may never go to sleep.

If I take the sides off his bed there is NO WAY he will have his customary afternoon nap and as he is always rubbing his eyes and being grisly by 1pm he still needs that 2 hours.

I’m sure you can see why I think I might be being selfish, I like my sleep and a grumpy free little boy!

What age should children move to a bed, is there a way to tell when they are ready or is it just up to me, how did you know when your kids were ready?


3 Responses to Big Boy Bedtime

  1. becky says:

    I took sides off at 18 months as son was so tall he could climb out but not safely… 2 nights of crash bang cry and I gave up…

    Life has never been same since and he ends up in my bed EVERY night – aargh!!

  2. My eldest was in cot until she was 3. She was such a poor sleeper as a baby, we had it cracked and there was no way I was rocking the boat by putting her in a bed…
    If hes not climbing out I would leave him be 🙂

    Why rush… enjoy the sleep!

  3. kailexness says:

    Thanks Ladies 🙂

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