Worry worry worry

In just under a week my family and I are traveling up to  Yorkshire to house sit for my Brother in Law whilst he and his family fly off some where exotic (ash cloud allowing).

This arrangement came about when, last year with a cut back in my husbands hours and a company wide pay cut we couldn’t stretch to a “proper” holiday and ended up borrowing my nieces flat in Cardiff for a week.  That turned out really well for a Dr.Who / Torchwood fan, we visited various sights of interest and did some great geocaches. Cardiff is a fabulous holiday destination, we had a great time at Mermaids Quay, St Fagans was awesome my daughter loved the “big dollies houses” and we had a great time flying my husbands kites and finding shells on the various nearby beaches.

I digress, at a family wedding just before new year my Sister in Law “reminded” me of a conversation we had apparently had about house sitting for them (neither I nor my husband can remember this but hey, we are flexible) and looking after their 10 month old German Shepherd and two cats,  and so we agreed to do it….

I must have been really drunk at that wedding because it’s fast approaching  and I’m getting seriously cold feet, the logistics of shipping 2 kids, with everything they need including booster seats to sit in whilst eating, a push chair, bath toys, normal toys, a travel cot for little him – this is not small stuff.   The dog, Poppy will need her cage as the thought of leaving the two dogs together overnight sends shivers down my spine, we might need a few things too – it’s frightening!

Also, I have just under a week to get the house in a resemblance of order as the neighbours are kind enough to come in and feed Pippa and Sophie. They are really lovely people but I don’t want them tripping over bits of “Happy Valley” whilst emptying the dirt tray…

On the bright side we have been to the BIL’s  house before so I can picture the kitchen with it’s hard wipe-able floor, so I know the dining room carpet is safe.  We will have cbeebies and a DVD player for afternoons while the Little Man has a nap.   There is a small bath in the second bathroom which the kids can use rather than worrying that their might only be a shower as there is so often nowerdays.  It’s only Yorkshire, not darkest peru, so no fumbling over currency, worrying about not tipping enough or struggling to be understood in a foreign dialect – ok so there might be a little bit of that – hehehe.

My sister in law (bless her) has kindly provided us with a list of parks to visit, where to find the swimming pool and cinemas, some local museums, the “last of the summer wine bus tour” too!  I have had a good look at http://www.geocaching.com and I’m really looking forward to an almost fresh field of attainable geocaches (we did a few last year in the area), the town itself is also really cute and has many different shops to look at, so we will be well entertained.

I know what you are thinking, I worry too much.  It’s true.  I have a big fear of the unknown since the smalls arrive, I like to plan stuff out not go off in my own little spontaneous way like I used too.  I pour over websites of the intended location especially the accommodations,  I need to know I can feed them and keep them safe and warm – old mother hen!!!

I’m sure  everything will really be brilliant, the kids will behave and not break the ornaments, the dogs will get on great (but not too great!)  The husband will be  supersupportive and we will have a really great break, as with Cardiff, sometimes a holiday without expectations is often better than one longed for and placed on a pedestal, I will of course let you know how we get on.

Image credits

Mermaid Quay by Me

“Hoovering up the mess from” Flickr  by Sad Old Biker

“Don’t worry everything is going to be amazing”  from Flickr by Supercapacity


One Response to Worry worry worry

  1. TheMadHouse says:

    What a great way to get a holiday!

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