Courteous me

Week 6 of The Kindness club. (Where does the time go!) Our prompt from Susie this week was to be a courteous driver or pedestrian.

It’s May right, there are 215 sleeps until Christmas, that mad time of year when everyone goes into panic buy mode and courtesy is left on the shelf until after the sales, so I’d expect my fellow human beings to be acting with there normal level of dignity and courteousness, a good time to take a think about how I move through society and how it moves about me.

I actually don’t make a great deal of journeys any more, once upon a time I could have been at any destination in the UK on any given day, now as a Stay at home Mum I mostly stay at home or at least stay in town.  The liitle lady attends nursery 3 days a week and me being the daft old bat I am don’t like venturing too far away encase I’m needed because she had thrown herself headfirst off the climbing frame or such like, it could happen, she is without fear.  So three times a week we strap the little man into the pushchair and walk the 500 yard or so to nursery.

We have to cross a fairly busy road, there is a crossing further up the road but usually we cross over by a roundabout, there is a island in the middle of the road to pause before the next lane of traffic.  This is where I have noticed a marked difference in other peoples courteous behaviour, if I have the smalls and the buggy people wave me across, I always smile, say thank you and usually wave if I have a hand free. Without the smalls I have to wait for a gap in the traffic everytime.  I appreciate people helping me out when I’m with the smalls like that.  I always make a point of waving people across at that roundabout too, what comes around goes around and all that jazz.

Taking the buggy into town I try not to get in any ones way and it seems in my nature to be extremely apologetic if I do (why do I always apologise so much!  I irritate myself!) But I am that woman, the who complains loudly in shops if they have put stock in between the wracks or the aisles are too narrow for the buggy…

Friday this week I had to take the car into the garage, we were due to be there at 10am so we missed what passes for rush hour around here.  I’m not a fast driver, I don’t like to rush, my cargo is too precious, I do tend to keep up with the traffic so I don’t think I hold others up too much, on our way to the garage I made a point, where safe, of allowing people to pull out or cross my side of the road if they were holding up traffic, I observed crossings, took my turn at roundabouts, made sure I signaled clearly in good time, it does feel good to be courteous, it doesn’t feel good to have a silver van so far up the back of my car he could see the label in my underwear! Grrrr….
Well I tried not to get annoyed and eventually he went a different way and I could see out of my rear view mirror once more.

I tried not to get too annoyed when the garage said they had fixed the car and they blatantly hadn’t either….


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