House sit starts

It’s weird, totally and uncannily weird to be in this house with the people who occupy it one night, snaffling curry and quaffing wine together, then keeping out of their way this morning by going shopping to Morrisons, on return waving them off as they pile in a taxi, finding ourselves left in their home with their things all around us still and them to be gone. Absent and yet still here in their belongings and taste.

So far, for me it has been a bit of a disaster.  This morning whilst drying up I broke a wine glass – the guilt descends. They didn’t mind thankfully it wasn’t one of the “best” ones, I got shown which mugs to use by my brother in law that didn’t matter if they got broken…  haha!

This afternoon I managed to put blackout up in the room the smalls slept in last night, did a good job too with 2 towels and 2 bin liners, then realised that the only accessible bed for the little lady was in that room so theoretically I would need to move the little man out into the other room tonight, he is the one who needs the blackout… hurmph

I went into the other room to see how dark it gets, there are white curtains in there – not ideal, so I went to pull them shut and the entire curtain pole fell down on my head!   Seriously folks I’m not that clumsy at home, it’s either an unexplained breakout of bimboitis or just plain bad luck!

So using the curtainless room is a no no for both of them, we are back to plan A which finds little him being put down in blackout and the little lady reading herself to sleep in Mummy’s bed.

And then we come to the love affair of the century, of course Poppy going into season a fortnight ago was never going to make life easy, Dooley has been done a while but I don’t think he knows that. There has been the inevitable snapping, circling, teasing and sniffing but they seem to be settling into a cosy friendship. She is the boss though, she proved that by peeing on his food bowls – nice!

So all in all a fairly hectic first 24 hours in the house sit holiday in Holmfirth.

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3 Responses to House sit starts

  1. Jane says:

    Made me giggle – go Poppy!
    Forgot you were away – have a lovely time and perhaps next time you look in the mirror you’ll see the person I see x

  2. kailexness says:

    It’s not as bad as it seems, Stranger was begging to get written and now it’s out I’m happy with it (and also my new glasses that make me look very glam and sexy!?)

  3. Yuji says:

    I like your writing style!

    There’s no place like home, eh?

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