Now I KNOW it’s summer!

I just ate my first good nectarine of the summer…

You don’t get a good nectarine (over here) at any other time of year, they are too hard, too pale, to dry so it’s not worth the effort of trying.

Nectarines must be my ultimate summer fruit, there is something about the tastebud tingling flavour that explodes across my mouth and just stands up in my head waving it’s arms and yells “Wooohoo! Dude! Summer is in town and it’s just had a party on your tongue!”

You pick one up and give it a gentle squeeze and the ripeness gives slightly under the pressure of your fingers, smell it and the aroma is fresh but slight with a promise of good things to come.  The smoothness of the skin does not detract from the experience as pressure is applied to take a bite.  The flesh is giving, soft and juicy and you know it’s going to dribble down your chin but that is fine it all adds to the enjoyment. Lip licking, finger sticking lusciousness.

My first nectarine of the year must be savoured with closed eyes, daydreaming of the sun warming my face and the sound of the sea lapping on a clean white beach and playing cheekily with my toes.

I like cherries too….

The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. Week 13, Still life


9 Responses to Now I KNOW it’s summer!

  1. Cherries are 70 shekels a kilo here now!

    • kailexness says:

      Did I work that out right? £12 a kilo??? Wow, I think they are about £5 1kg at the mo but they get cheaper as summer progresses, although we have our own tree 🙂

      • Yup, give or take. Jealous of your tree. And your nectarines!

  2. JulieB says:

    Snap! I love nectarines too…and cherries… mmmmm

  3. love nectarines, a real summer photo:) Jen.

  4. New Mummy says:

    Great photo x

  5. Great photo! Definitely the taste of summer…

  6. Oooh lovely picture; I love nectarines and peaches – bought some yesterday from the supermarket.

    CJ xx

  7. Pixie says:

    My mouth is watering looking at those nectarines. 🙂

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