The Gallery’s week off…

I love joining in with the Gallery, Tara’s having a week off so I thought I would show you some pictures from my kitchen wall that I see every day an make me chuckle – they are not photo’s so would probably would never qualify for the real gallery. I hope you enjoy them too.

This is how it is in our house since Pippa and Sophie cats arrived, we have a large bed but it never feels like it, we are regularly “cat-ed”

This always made me think more of my Mother and Grandmother than my Mother and I, I think my generation are so much less required to be chained to chores and of course we have many more gadgets…  Occasionally my Mum surprises me with tales of when we were children and the level of work she was obliged to perform, I remember the revolutionary washing machine and spinner that she used to spend many hot steamy hours over and the way dinner was always on the table when Dad got home regardless of what was happening…

This ode has been my mantra for so long, the author is unknown, I’d love to know who wrote it, I owe her!

If you did your own non gallery post this week I would love to see it, please post a comment with a link so I can take a peek!

Always lovely to hear from you!

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