The Daisy List

My friend at It’s All Good If You Can Laugh Karin has reinvented “the bucket list”.  After giving it some thought she has come up with some alternatives that I’m sure you will enjoy reading, my favourite being “The Daisy List”.  I have no desire to see a bucket being kicked out from under my feet, least of all do it myself as the term implies, pushing up Daisies seems a more natural end to things, so here is an attempt to pull together some of my wishful thinking of things I would like to do before I feed the flowers…

I did do a lot in “stuff” my 20’s and 30’s, skydiving, scuba diving, white water rafting, partying, swam with Dolphins, went Whale Watching, been for a helicopter ride,  flew in a hot air balloon and pulled the burner,went to New Zealand, Canada and America as well as France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Mallorca and the Canaries. I found a fella (seriously hard to achieve that goal!) had two little darling smalls, got a mortgage and gave up work…  Although I’d love to see world peace, health wealth and happiness for all I can’t personally do much about that, I have no skills in that department.   So is there much left to put on my Daisy list?

There is no particular order here, just randomly listed as they occur to me…

Firstly, cheesy as it may seem I desperately want to see the Aurora Borealis, it has held me in fascination since I have been able to understand that it is there, a natural phenomenon of sheer beauty, I keep dropping hints about it but so far have not achieved this goal..

Secondly, I want and intend to watch my children grow up safely and healthily all being well this will happen but you just never know do you.

3. I would like to continue to be happy, yes, there are niggles and I have my ups and downs but mainly we are happy and that is good, long may it continue…

4. I’d like to take the smalls to “the north pole” to meet Father Christmas, my daughter finds the whole of Christmas a wondrous and amazing thing so I think this will need to be done in the next 2 years or so, her excitement is so tangible I wish I could bottle it somehow.

5. Get a book published, oh yes, that would be awesome…  Inspiration find me soon please!

6. I’d like to have afternoon tea at the Ritz (London or Paris – not fussy, lol!) and 7. Dinner on the Orient Express, these are two goals from my student time at Catering college.

8. I’d like to stand up and surf properly…I think this will take a short course as I have never managed it on my own, I also lack leg strength so linked with this one is 9. to be fitter and thinner.

10. Visit China, walk the wall and see the Terracotta Army.

11. I’d like to update my Padi training and dive a tropical coral reef, I love the colour and the interation between the fish and plants and would love to see it first hand.

12. I’d like to have a holiday in the Maldives in one of those houses on stilts, to be able to get up in the morning and wander down to a white sand beach with palm trees, I’m not a beach or pool holiday girl usually – this is the exception.

13. To keep Chickens, this would involve getting a much bigger house with a much bigger garden, I’d love a donkey too…

14. Ski a black run (never going to happen but I’d like it to)

15. I like to learn how to accept a compliment without burbling on about how it couldn’t possibly be true or isn’t good enough.. and then I’d like to be able to do that every time rather than reverting to the self defacing excuse babble.

16. Learn to Salsa Dance.

17. I’d like to visit Alaska and see some Bears in their natural habitat.

18. Live in a basement flat of a Georgian house, I always said I would live in a attic and a basement before I settled down, I managed the attic and although as settled down as it gets I’d still like to live in a basement.

19. Go skinny dipping in a lake setting with a waterfall.

20. Come home and find the house tidy, ironing done and dinner on the table…

I think 20 is enough to be going on with for now, I’d love to hear what you have on your “Daisy” list and what you think of mine.


A bugs view of a Daisy by Madjbug on Flickr

Daisy in Snow by Victoria Porter on Flickr

Blue Butterfly by Esther** on Flickr


4 Responses to The Daisy List

  1. becky says:

    Great list!

    Done a few including tea at the Ritz (twice!) but think a lot I would love to do to… one day….

  2. Hey, there’s nothing cheesy about Aurora Borealis! That’s pretty high up on my list too. Maybe you can combine it with Number 4?

    As for skinny-dipping, well… that’s another story.

  3. Karin says:

    Sorry it took me so long to get here, but great list! The Terracotta army is one of mine, too.

  4. Tawn Scotton says:

    Great! I love your writing…I adore your design and mostly “daisy” list…very different from things that I would do. Heck, if I had done half of what you’ve already done, I would kick my heels up and paint my toes daisy done!

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