Everyday, I love you..

I have been struggling with the last few weeks of the Kindness Club, not because I don’t say sorry (week 6) because I do frequently and I do try and use my mobile with respect to others (week 7) (I haven’t made a phone call outside my house for about 3 weeks!) But because I have terrible memory retention and just can’t call up examples of things like this happening to me, I know they have but I get brain blur,  I’m struggling to complete the “It seemed like a good idea at the time” meme too for just this reason…

Complimenting people everyday is a toughy too, in my life as a stay at home Mum I don’t see a huge amount of folk, I don’t deal with crowds and noise well so playgroups are difficult for me, a lot of the ladies I met when the children were born have gone back to work in some form but I admit that I am happy with my own company and could do more to interact with people if I wished.

There are two people in my life who I believe in complimenting at every opportunity,  every success no matter how small, every picture, every dance, every song… “Well done, what a fantastic picture” “Brilliant eating!”  I tell my children every chance I get, “You are beautiful and I love you”.

This, as any mother will appreciate is harder than you would think, my daughter at 3 and a half thinks it’s ok to do what she wants even when told other wise and my son at 2 does whatever his sister tells him, in between tantrums and naughtiness, exploring and jumping down the stairs (from the middle), my saying “no!” a zillion times a day, my trying to calmly explain to someone screaming in my face that ice cream is not suitable for breakfast, dealing with a full on steaming nappy at 5am with matchstick keeping my eyes open, daddy bellowing because someone is too loud, too bossy, throwing stones in the pond, talking with their mouth full etc (he only has two settings 1.calm 2.bellowing very loudly) It’s a wonder that any compliments come their way at all!

But of course they do and I try and only say it when I mean it which is often, because they are beautiful and I love them.

Foot note:- I have been paying compliments to all sorts of people I have met/chatted to this week more in keeping with Susie’s idea but this was the post that “wanted” to be written, whats a girl supposed to do 😀


You are beautiful by Curiousillusion on Flickr

Stress reduction kit by Progamwitch on Flickr


2 Responses to Everyday, I love you..

  1. The point of the prompts is not just about the post that gets written, it is about doing things like you did which means being more aware and like this week finding more ways to pay compliments.

    Good job!

  2. You have done it once again! Superb writing!

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