The Gallery – Motherhood

As soon as I read this weeks The Gallery post at Sticky Fingers I knew I was in trouble, Motherhood.  Not a huge word in it’s self but so crammed with meaning and emotion that I went into a kind of panicky spiral, how could I cram all that love, inspiration, luck, joy and responsibility into a photograph that spoke to me – and then it was going to be seen by such a huge audience – overwhelmed! There is no other way to describe it!

I get such a kick out of joining in with the gallery although it has only been a few short weeks, I was not going to abstain, no way! So I asked some friends what it meant to them in a hope that if I explored in my mind what Motherhood actually means to me I could grasp a physical aspect to capture…  I had suggestions of generations of ladies together, little feet and hands, pregnant women etc but the one which really captured me as being the most truthful was from a local friend who said “something nasty…like sick or poo…. or a child covered head to toe in paint…my untidy house…. a very long list…”

Which has led my to my photograph, the topic was suggested by Daddy..

This is my front room. It didn’t used to look like this, once it had lovely wooden shelves and a cabinet for the TV, we had houseplants in corners and a fireplace too.  We thought for a long time about how to make our living environment safer, user friendly, storage useful.

Changing, adapting, sharing, keeping safe, being watchful, playing, creating, learning, crying, kissing better, loving…. Motherhood.

It just occurred to me to add this too, somebody who wanted a bit of the action…

had to join in 🙂

28 Responses to The Gallery – Motherhood

  1. Jenny paulin @ mummy mishaps says:

    That’s a great image you have captured – and a great storage solution! I am sure when your two get their hands on their toys it does not always look that neat and tidy though?!
    Your little miss is striking a cool dancey pose there aswell! 🙂

    • kailexness says:

      Thanks Jenny, after 34 hits and no comments I was beginning to think I had made a mess rather than a statement of learning, adaption and nuture.. LOL!
      Yes, being this tidy is a rarity, they did help me tidy it all up thou – teamwork

  2. becky says:

    I need more storage like that! My kids’ stuff is just strewn across the floor…

    Afraid I did the cutesy hand photos on my entry 😉

  3. Oh my, yes! How the primary colours take over and the search for a storage solution begins! Lovely post!

    • kailexness says:

      Thanks 🙂

  4. New Mummy says:

    Love it, what a great take on the prompt! What a cutie x

  5. Bev Stubbs says:

    I spy a Billy bookcase or two! Love the blog x

    • kailexness says:

      Billy is so cool, we wondered about getting some doors to hide stuff but at the moment they would probably be swung on…

  6. Cheshire Mum says:

    I went for more of a gritty, cold face of parenting take on the post too! We have just bought (still got protective film on!) some Besta storage from IKEA its all behind closed doors now come 7pm – I will post a pic up soon – I am re-storaging the house at the mo! Cx

  7. She’s a mover! Lovely girl.

    Thankfully as they get older their toys get smaller and more electronic so you’ll get your living room back!

  8. Harriet says:

    Oh! It’s awful isn’t it? All that time you spend making your front room look lovely and then a tide of pink plastic takes over….

    Great take on the theme!

  9. leslieanne says:

    How super organised are you?!
    (sheepishly looks at bombsite of lounge, oops!)
    And your little lady is just beautiful 🙂

  10. parklover says:

    Your room still looks really cool though! I quite like the addition of lots of colour that my daughter’s many toys and books have brought to our house.

  11. So true. I’m sure I had a house with style once, now i have a house with chaos, laughter and loads of love and fun. Wouldn’t swop it for the world. x

  12. kailexness says:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments!

  13. JulieB says:

    You’ve definitely captured the one thing that I associate with motherhood – change. (also love the little one joining in – so cute!)

  14. haha..I can really relate to this as I’m sure all mothers can. My house used to be minimalist and now has a magnificent array of colours throughout thanks to baby belle 🙂

  15. RebaMc says:

    I think we need to opt for some storage like this! Fab pic 🙂

  16. I think your room looks great – it depicts the chaos of motherhood but also encapsulates just how organised you need to be to stay sane LOL!

  17. Great take on the theme. I remember this look very well! Mine are all teens & older now, and oddly enough I sort of miss it a little…

  18. Nova says:

    It’s so hard to define isn’t it….
    My house was nearly tidy when number five came along….now there are toys strewn everywhere….I’ve never had one quite like him, he causes chaos in every room he walks through. I’m not as organised as you with the toys…it all looks very neat. :0)

    • kailexness says:

      Ah yes, thats because I black mailled encouraged the smalls to help me tidy up before I took the shot! I even threw the duster around!

  19. Great photo and great take on the prompt. My house looks like that 😀

  20. I recognise some of those toys! My house is beginning to have less of the baby stuff and now just the sloppy older kids mess. Not sure which is worse. Glad to your gorgeous girl got in on the action.

  21. Love it, it is my house but with much better storage x

  22. Mirka Moore says:

    Isn’t it just amazing how our lives change after having children, nothing is the same. My DH always says he can’t wait once we put all Isabelle’s toys in her bedroom….to have some more space in our living room, but I think, it will just not be the same, will be very empty.

  23. Hi,
    Sian – MummyTips / CyberMummy Here…… I’ve just posted with the info you need in order to get your pic printed for the real life CyberMummy Gallery exhibition courtesy of Photobox.

  24. bumbling says:

    Hee hee! So true – your choice of decor does change a little, doesn’t it… I never thought I’d have so much brightly coloured plastic in the house.

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