Open Farm Sunday

This year I made a special effort to go to Open Farm Sunday as I missed it last year, some friends were also taking their children who are of similar ages so we thought it would be a fun educational trip out.

We were right, our nearest Open Farm is the Boyton Farm Group in Boyton, Wiltshire. They have a farm shop fondly named The Ginger Piggery after the red Tamworth Pigs that they breed but also farm sheep and a dairy herd. A lot of the land is sublet to arable too.

I think it is so important for the smalls to understand that their food doesn’t just come from Morrisons, although currently they have not connected piglets to sausages etc, the little lady knows that you get milk from cows (like she and her brother once did from Mummy she will tell you!)

When we arrived there was a tractor sitting readily connected to a large trailer, with straw bails down the middle to sit on to take us on a tour of the estate.¬† My son is very pleased with himself that he has learned to say “Tractor” and I must say I’m chuffed with him too!

The Tractor took us to see the baby pigglets.

And Daddy petted the lambs – the smalls wouldn’t go near them!

Once we got back to the farm we had hot dogs from the BBQ and Daddy had a beef burger which was totally scrumptious! Unfortunately the children’s corner didn’t open until 2pm and the little man was flagging so after a good nose around the shops we made our way home, happy.


3 Responses to Open Farm Sunday

  1. Jenny paulin @ mummy mishaps says:

    Noooo waaaay!! I took Burton to an open farm day in Somerset on Sunday! It was great we saw lambs being bottle fed, a sheepdog herding geese and got to ride in a tractor! He is a bit young for it this year but next year he will understand more. Looks like you and yours had a great time at the farm you visited. I think these open days are fantastic (and cheap day out!) x

  2. Thanks for your comment over at mine! Looks like you had a lovely family day out and that is a lovely pic of you and small…nice to see you! x

  3. suburbanmummyuk says:

    Aw Tractor rides, my boy is desperate to do this! We have a really nice children’s farm near us and the kids love going, if you go often enough they will love feeding the lambs !

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