A new and lovely thing…

I have had such fun this week, I have read a new blog trying to get a picture of a new friend, I have rushed around the shops and picked out some lovely small things wrapped them up with glee  in colourful paper, popped them into a pretty bag and then into a box and mailed it to the new friend, secretly smiling to myself. almost hugging myself because I hope she likes it and enjoys opening it.

Then today I had a special parcel myself from a different new friend, such excitement when the post lady left it and I waited until my daughter came home from nursery and we opened it together. There was a little box tied with green ribbon and several parcels wrapped in green paper, green is my favourite colour.  As we opened them we found a ring and a broach my new friend made for me herself, so lovely to have personally made gifts! Also an apron and chefs hat for my daughter and a cook book with lots of yummy recipes.

Oh yes and a chocolate lolly that someone thinks has her name on it! I did explain it was Mummies parcel…

Thank you Lottie for such a smashing secret parcel! Thanks to Maria for your thanks it was my pleasure 🙂

Thanks also to Heather for such a brilliant idea and organising it all, is it August yet?

4 Responses to A new and lovely thing…

  1. Tawn Scotton says:

    you are the best mommy! What a lucky girl to get this special Delivery.

  2. jfb57 says:

    When SPC works, it is fab! so glad yours was such a success!

  3. MrsShilts says:

    Your little one is so cute holding up the lolly! Looks like you had a lovely parcel this month 🙂

  4. oh wonderful! What a great parcel!

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