Kreative Blogger 2

I have been tagged for this one again by Aly at Life’s Laundry, I don’t mind at all, the leetle grey cells need a wake up call most days, I’m sure someone else tagged me again for this one too but in true me fashion, I can’t remember who – sorry!

So here we go, 7 new things I can’t remember if I have told you before πŸ˜‰

1) When I was a teenager I collected milk bottles with the adverts printed on them, they took up so much space!

2) I used to do cross stitching, since the smalls I haven’t had the concentration power to do it but I hope the baby brain will subside sometime soon and I can do it again.

3) My favourite colour is green, it doesn’t suit me much to wear as I am an “Autumn” but I don’t care…

4) I hate the way wordpress checks spelling in American English, take no.3 for example “favourite colour” has squiggly red lines under it (until published) but it is right!!!! hurumph!

5) I still have my first Teddy and the doll my Nana Kit made me when I was a baby and anyone that tells me I’m wet will be in deep doo doo….

6) I have developed an ability to shut out the noise created by childrens TV but I’m still unable to do that with husbands tv, he has it louder then them…

7) I have very wide feet an eee fitting with a high instep, I couldn’t wear those glamorous fashion shoes if I wanted too (and I often do…) zip up boots are a no no and ski boots are agony… I hate my feet…

Well there we go, that was reasonably painless….

This was my second go at this one so no excuses!

I’m tagging

Trish @ Mumsgoneto…
Her Madge @ Queenie’s blog
Sam @ How we laughed
and that will have to do for now πŸ™‚

Forgot to add the rules…

The rules are as follows:

Copy the award to your blog. Insert a link to the person who nominated you, share 7 things about yourself you haven’t told before, nominate and link, inform the nominees….

One Response to Kreative Blogger 2

  1. howwelaughed says:

    I am so with you re the feet! I don’t know how to tage this… x

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