105 days….

Well folks, I have dropped beneath the 14st threshold, I am now 13st 12lb 2oz.

I’m still fairly pleased with this, I have had a blip this month in so much as I ran out of my thyroid pills, could have sworn I had another strip in the draw but hey ho! Not taking my tablets for three days piled on 6lb – just like that.  Still, I an back on track and have 15 weeks to loose 1.5 stone to reach my goal.

It’s time to step up the exercise routine. I am restricted by looking after the smalls, Daddy is hopeless at the bedtime routine and so I rarely have time to myself until 8pm by which time I’m too exhausted to contemplate going to a class or gym, anyway we have no spare money for luxuries like that.  So I am going to play my sublime Dance on Broadway game for at least an hour every day (2 lots of 30 minutes).

I also have a Pilates DVD to help with my useless inner core strength, then maybe, just maybe I won’t be so tired by 8pm and will be able to start running…

6 Responses to 105 days….

  1. jfb57 says:

    Wow! That is excellent progress! Do try to get a bit of exercise in ‘cos it makes you feel better! Wish I was brave enough to go on the scales!

  2. YummyNo1 says:

    Well done you!
    I’m in the same boat and have to wait until my little ones are tucked up before I can exercise too and I understand completely that by that time, you are often too tired to do it. But I guess it is just a case of getting into the routine of fitting it all in. The Broadway dance thing looks like great fun though!
    Keep up the good work! x

  3. Well done!that’s great! You will easily reach your target weight. The dance thing looks fun 🙂
    I feel too tired to head out to exercise after 8pm too so i have to make do with finger exercise with my tweeting lol xx

    • kailexness says:

      you would think with all the finger exercises I do I would be able to get my wedding ring back on by now….:-(

  4. Chris says:

    Wow! Well done you, that’s fab! xxx

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