The Gallery – Nature

Have you ever been to a place that feels more alive then the rest of the world?

More vibrant, more real,

Life suddenly comes into focus,

Breathing has a new meaning,

Here is nature……

In the picture above, my husband and I are in the center of the picture behind the fall, I felt like Rupert Bear who always finds excitement and adventure behind the waterfall, search as I might I couldn’t find a tunnel…

Below is a picture of hubby and the friends who took us to the falls..

And this is our beloved Bouncer, who had a lovely day!

An entry for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers
Thanks to @goingitalone for letting me know it’s the Sgwd-yr-Eira waterfall

11 Responses to The Gallery – Nature

  1. Red Ted Art says:

    Oh wow, that is beautiful! I want to be there!! I can just hear the water rushing and the air full of spray… lovely!

    Where is it?


  2. Menna (@goingitalone) says:

    Beautiful photos and lovely words!

    I’ve been going to Sgwd-yr-Eira waterfall since I was a child. And now live not far from there. Can’t wait to take my babi one day.

  3. Wow!I would love to go there and stand behind that waterfall! Where are they?
    Beautiful photos and your words sum up how you felt perfectly πŸ™‚

  4. Kate says:

    Great, great photos. Well done!

  5. dawniebrown says:

    Oh I love waterfalls – great photos πŸ™‚

  6. Beauuuutiful! A really refreshing post in all senses πŸ™‚ x

  7. him up north says:

    That’s a fantastic-looking place, and you’ve captured it brilliantly. Great pictures.

  8. Snap, I did a local waterfall too. Yours is fab:) Jen

  9. Michelle says:

    I wonder where you took the photos. It looks gorgeous. Beautiful photos.

  10. Just googled this place, its not too far from me and will definately be on my places to visit list! Lovely photos.

  11. bubbleboo says:

    A wonderful place, I just adore waterfalls!!

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