Things your parents say…

You know those moments when you suddenly realise why your parents nagged you about things so much…

There were a few rules in my Mum and step Fathers house which caused some hilarity and tension at the time but now I can put my hand up and say – Yes! you were right…

We were not allowed salt on our food, it was apparently used in the cooking and our food therefore required no further seasoning.

Toilet paper was on ration, we were only supposed to use two pieces, which I imagine was fine for the boys but not so good for us girls…

We had to be on time, on pain of Death…

As I am now the adult (allegedly) I can appreciate that with a house full of teenagers some rules had to exist or the hell that broke loose with alarming frequency would have been too terrible to live with…

I don’t cook with salt. I might if a recipe demands it put a little in but it is rare, we also don’t add it to our food.  Like all things it has it’s place, in moderation…

I’m always surprised how quickly toilet paper just vanishes in our house, now the little lady is using the loo a roll can go in a morning – I kid you not!  I questioned how much paper she was using and she said the ladies at nursery said “you have to use lots and lots” I told her that was fine at nursery but at home you “just use 4 pieces” and smiled quietly to myself at how generous I am.

Here in blighty we are into the school holidays and I thought having the smalls with me all week for 6 weeks would be a tough call, since May I have started to enjoy a little me time each week, so far though it has been really great and it has made me realise what a slave to the clock mornings are.

Instilled from an early age never to be late, it causes a mild panic in me if it looks like we are not going to be on time. I’m the woman that turns up to the airport 2 hours before the check in desk opens so I can be happy we got there – well, traffic can be terrible you know…  Getting ready for nursery with a two and three year old takes organisation and persuasion and shouting, well mostly shouting..

But I hate being late and would prefer to be early…

Last week was a dream, no nursery to rush about to get too, no appointments our playdates were both at 10am and when you have been up by 5am that really wasn’t that hard…  I might even be looking forward to the next 5 weeks….

Image from Flickr Creative Commons by Cristian V – Fourteen Past Ten


4 Responses to Things your parents say…

  1. Lottie says:

    I enjoyed that post. You are so right. I’m exactly the same, I *hate* being late, although mine is a reaction to the fact my parents were late for everything, often with embarassing consequences for me.

  2. jfb57 says:

    Lovely reminiscent post! We don’t use salt (mother!) & I’m usually early but NEVER late! As for you & the hols – I think you’ll need to practice getting up earlier the week before they go back! You wouldn’t want to be late!

    • kailexness says:

      LOL! 5.50am this morning, we are still getting up too too early!

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