No one’s lazy in Lazy Town.

An unplanned need to vacate the house today had me thinking on my toes about where to go, the Little Man decided he was NOT having an afternoon kip and let the world know at the top of his lungs in the next room to his sleeping Daddy who is doing yet more nights this week…

It’s drizzling – so where to go?

Fortuitously, those lovely people at Tesco have produced their day out vouchers again this year and I had two vouchers for Longleat Passports sitting on the fridge waiting to be used.

Longleat opens at 10am this time of year but before the holiday the non safari park attractions open at 11am, the Little Man usually naps from 12.30pm to 4pm hence why they have not been used before, that really doesn’t matter though, for those of you that don’t know you can use your passport EVERY DAY they are open should you choose.

As we drove along the long drive I noticed a sign advertising the childrens shows for this season “Sportacus and Stephanie’s Animal Adventure” was due to start in half an hour – Bingo!   My two don’t watch Lazy Town, if it is on during their TV times they usually ask to have it turned over to Peppa Pig or the latest favourites (the joys of a HD box) they have seen it enough to know who the characters are and about “sports candy”.

We were 3rd in the queue and got great seats at the front, my two wouldn’t go and sit with the other children on the floor who were being entertained by a balloon animal man, the Little Lady did get up and dance a little when he asked but soon sat down.

Once the Lazy Town music started the Little Lady did get a bit excited and she thought Stephanie was lovely, she joined in and shouted out answers guessing which fruit the animals liked to eat and joining in a few moves, I think she was a bit in awe of Sportacus who was very like his TV persona doing lots of jumps and kicks.

When it was over Stephanie was waiting outside to have her picture taken with the smalls, Little Lady asked me

“Where is Sportacus?”

“He has gone back to his airship, to wait for the next time he can help someone”


“Because that is what Super Heros do…”

She was very disappointed as you can tell from the picture!


6 Responses to No one’s lazy in Lazy Town.

  1. PhotoPuddle says:

    Aw, she does look a bit miffed! I think I’d be a bit disappointed that it wasn’t the “real” Lazy town people!

    • kailexness says:

      They didn’t seem to notice it wasn’t the real deal…

  2. drop4three says:

    Ahh, her pretty little face seems so sad.

    My two always loved Lazytown and we have lots of pictures of them dressed as both Stephanie and Sportacus, pencil-thin moustache and all.

    Lovely post.

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  4. jfb57 says:

    I’d be disappointed if I didn’t see Sportacus! Glad you had a good time & i think it is great to get children out to see ‘live’ theatre!

  5. Sarah says:

    Oh, so sweet, but sorry she didn’t get to see her super-hero!

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