Go! Go! Go!

Boy was I lucky in July! I won 3 competitions for some great prizes. I should have rushed out and bought several lottery tickets!

One of the competitions I entered was on Suburban Mummy UK‘s blog, it was her blogversary and the first prize was tickets to see The Go! Go! Go! Show at the Leicester Square Theatre, London.

Nataliya  wanted us to tell her why we wanted one of the prizes, my answer was

“My smalls would adore the gogogo show, plus they have never been to London yet, I promised my husband years ago we would go on the London eye – I have been twice, him not at all, about time we put that right…”

And blow me if I didn’t win!

KAILEXNESS Because I really liked her comment of bringing her children to London for the first time and hopefully getting to go on the London Eye with her husband, the fact that it’s all about her family really touched me.

After jumping up and down and “squee!” ing really loudly I had a quiet smile because it’s always all about them isn’t it..

So, yesterday we packed ourselves into the car and drove to Kew, finding a likely (legal) spot to leave the car we caught the train, rode the eye (more on that for another post) stuffed an all day breakfast and walked to Leicester Place to find the Theatre.

I explained to the Little Lady that we would be seeing singing and dancing, a story played out in front of us…  We had front row seats which was ok for us biggies but the smalls even on the provided booster seats had to stretch to see more than shoes, they worked it out though and quickly gravitated to Mummy and Daddies laps!

We were fascinated by the socks found on the back of all the seats, the Little man soon put one on each hand and was playing magically to himself while we waited for the show to begin and once it did the Little Lady was enthralled, (she gets this blank look on her face and looks almost shocked but she is just on awe of it all)

The show is fast paced, the music is boppy and catchy, it’s bright and fun with some good laughs, the characters are friendly the interaction with the children is fantastic! The little lady had me reduced to tears because she really believed they were going to throw water over the audience – it was one of those Mummy moments where I could see her fear and so I was upset too but I knew it was just tinsel and it would be ok and she would love it…  She did, she gathered it all up and made Daddy put it in his pockets!

Gemma was her favourite mainly due to the fact she wears pink, she thought Steve was great after he high fived her and suddenly she has developed an interest in badges like Kirsten which I’m sure I can work to my advantage…  I thought Holly’s hair was fabulous, I might try the red streaks look myself and Karl, well, you really should try and be friends with Mr. Jones but he is a bit big headed – for a rabbit!

The fluffalope was a huge hit with her, we have talked about it ever since and this morning she told me she dreamed about the “people” and their “purple thingy”…

The little man loved the show too, especially the socks but you know he is 2 and we are yet to have a big conversation about anything…

I’m not going to tell you more the story and what happens with all those socks because it is sooo much fun for smalls between 2 and 6 that if you get the chance to see it you really aught to go!

At the end of the show there was a bun fight signature session, we managed to get a signature on our flyer from the whole cast which is now proudly stuck on her bedroom wall – higher than the little man can reach 😉 But wouldn’t you know it, the camera battery went flat and I couldn’t get the photo of herself with “Gemma” she so badly wanted! Bad Mummy 😦

(Thanks Nataliya, brilliant prize!)


One Response to Go! Go! Go!

  1. lynette says:

    I love that you enjoyed the show – my 2 kids loved it too! It was a pleasure to organise tickets for your family and a big thank you to Nataliya for organising the prize! P.S. if the little lady wants to find out more about what the gang (especially Gemma) is up to or dance around to the music visit http://www.gogogo.tv.

Always lovely to hear from you!

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