Minxy Mog

How do you solve a problem like Sophie?

Cats choose don’t they, that is how they are.  Our ginger tabby Sophie is a rescue cat, we found her at Bath Cats and Dogs home aged 4 – they think, her coat was falling out in places and she was half starved, as we walked past she chirped her talkative meow and my other half was besotted.  Her brother was there too but as we already had a kitten – my Pippa, we only wanted one, I still wish we has taken him too…

When we got her home she was pleased to see our old dog Bouncer and they ignored each other beautifully from then on, Pippa was an abhorrence to her though, my 4 month old kitten charged about the place and tried to play with Sophie and she wore a mask of distaste on her face for ages.

Well, it’s 8 years on and Sophie has stayed with us, I always thought she might take up and leave one day as she is so independently minded.  As each baby arrived she took the screaming bundles in her big loping stride, usually out of the window.   Bouncer died and after looking for him and being unable to find him  she got on with it, who knows what she really thought but then a disaster shook her comfy little world – the world of both of the cats really, we came home with Poppy, a border collie puppy.

Poppy isn’t fitting into our world as well as we thought.  She chases the cats relentlessly, she knocks over the children, has eaten my kitchen units, for the first 9 months she chewed anything she could get in her mouth.  Turn your back and she will have the dinner off the table… I’m sure most of this is our fault, we thought Poppy would slot in where Bouncer left, of course she needs training and lots of walking, she was one last week and I must admit I despair, there is something every day – today she had one of my tops off the washing line..

And Sophie has left home.

She has “moved” 3 doors up the road to all intents and purposes, they have a covered porch by their back door and there is a cat basket on a cupboard for their own cats which she has purloined and the lady living there thinks she is marvelous and has been feeding her – why should she come home to this mad house?

It’s been about 2 months since I first requested that they don’t feed our cat and I think I have got there eventually, Sophie does come home for her supper albeit begrudgingly, once in she stays in overnight, they always have there are enough cat fights on this estate all night without our two joining in.  This week in the morning once the window is open, Pippa shot out as normal. Sophie has been sitting on the window sill for a bit and not rushing off. Progress? We shall see…

Has anyone else had this problem? Any advice?


3 Responses to Minxy Mog

  1. jfb57 says:

    We acquired a cat in similar circumstances. We didn’t know where he came from. He would be there when we got home. didn’t have to worry about him when we went on holiday because we knew he did the same sort of thing to other houses in the road. He cost us a small fortune. He caught mange from a fox in our garden & it was us who took huim to the vets, then a specialist. The bill was very large. Found his owners just before he died. They came to say goodbye. Didn’t bring their wallet though!

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