54 days…

Weight Watchers is working, I know it is, I lost another pound this week and I have dragged myself back on to the plan with a last ditch kick up the bottom.

After two long weekends away camping I now have a clear run until my birthday. I need to be good and focus.

I met a friend whilst dropping the smalls off at nursery on Monday who commented that I had lost weight “you are looking good” she said, love her, and so after doing my chores I scurried home to look in the mirror because I was wearing my huge rain coat and jeans, the only place she could have noticed my weight loss is on my face.

I stood looking and (after admiring the tan I picked up at the weekend) I have to admit she is right, my face is slimmer… woo hoo!

Lets hope the rest of my body is following suit, sadly and much to my husbands disgust the boobies are certainly smaller…. 😦

One Response to 54 days…

  1. jfb57 says:

    Oh well done you!! i do so envy you your commitment! Keep going Flower!

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