Why I write….

Did you see that huge metal glove that flew through here a moment ago? That was the It’s all good if you can laugh Writers Challenge Gauntlet! Thrown with precision by Karin Kysilka, my that woman has good aim 😉

I’m sorry to say Karin has had a tough summer.  Summer can be tough on a lot of us for different reasons, for me the summer was a little tough due to having the delightful duo at home from nursery…  My daughter has missed nursery and all it’s entertainments  and my son has learned how to torment her (back) and generally throw his weight around! Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t complaining! They are both bright, charming, healthy and they went back to nursery yesterday 🙂

The Writers Challenge is to help us overcome the distractions the summer has given us contributing to writers block, yep, it’s happened to me too – when do you get time to write when everyone around you is demanding your attention?

So I’m taking option 2 – Why I Write…

I started this blog in April, not so long ago and my first post said it all, as a stay at home Mum I spend all day doing things that are of interest to a 3 year old and a 2 year old, we play, we clean sometimes with some hindrance, we watch some TV, read books etc…  Brain rot…Oh boy.

When my Husband gets home he is often drained from his manual job and often wants to off load the “stuff” that has happened that day, that’s fine, I listen but what do I tell him back? “The little lady drew 2 pictures and learned two Spanish words from Dora the Explorer” or better still “The little man filled two nappies in quick succession, teach me to feed him pasta bake, it looks the same coming out as going in – almost” Yes, I do usually tell him theses things anyway regardless of writing and I don’t usually write in too much detail about poo and Dora….

So why do I write? I write to escape, to be part of a community, to join in and share and because sometimes you just have to get things out of your head in order to move on!

The escapism I love dearly, my favourite posts to write and revisit were The Daisy List, The Inquisition and Lust at first sight. These are of course still all about me, I have never written fiction, never tried wouldn’t know where to start….  Although if I dragged my daydreaming head out of the clouds every now and then I could write those stories down…

Can you put thoughts / life in boxes in your head, like the intray of your subconcious? I can, it was a talent I developed as a teenager to cope with my seemingly complicated life.  I’d go out the door of home and shut that box, go into school and open that box and so on.  So, exploring a part of my brain that I haven’t used or thought about for a while is great, I like to get the virtual feather duster out and give it a really good thwack around between my ears and pour the thoughts out like verbal diarrhea onto the keyboard, often I can feel a subject brewing for a while until it just needs to come out and be seen and shared, there is no rest until this happens!

The blogging community aided by the most wonderful world of twitter is awesome, I have never had anything but support and friendship from the people I follow and who follow me, they are a great bunch of folk, mostly bloggers themselves of course of many different kinds, also mainly (but not exclusively) Mummies like me and so I can share the poo, tiredness and day to day strains of motherdom with others dealing with the same stuff which is priceless.

I’m not a controversial person, nobody comes here to read the latest rant with way out there opinions to incite comments, (I adore getting comments, don’t get me wrong it’s the best feeling,)  I just don’t write or think like that or seek that kind of interaction, often I don’t like to read it either…  No it’s all fluff and cotton wool here but I do reserve the right to vent once in a while if the mood should take me, as a female I’m ENTITLED to change my mind.

So that is why I write! Why do you write???

Feel free to take on the challenge for yourself and link up at Karen’s site, the more the merrier!


Always lovely to hear from you!

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