A note to myself – say no to silly fashion…

Dear Me

Just because something is in fashion again and it looked good and was easy to wear the first time around does not mean it’s a good thing now, remember Darling, you are 15 years older!

So you went to the shop and found a lovely shirt, well done you! Shopping is to you like pulling teeth is to most people, I know you consider the world a safer and more pleasant place because you get to wear clothes but that doesn’t make it any less of a chore…  It’s a pretty top and even though I say it myself, looks good on you – and yes, it’s a smaller size than normal, pat on the back for the shrinking boobies.

Honestly though love, you know better than to try on the leggings on the same rail in a co-ordinating colour, don’t you.  At 5ft 7 you are not “short” but most of your height is from your bum to your neck, you have short legs and at the moment we could call them stocky and be generous.  With a distinct lack of hips and a long top a big bum is not, I’m grateful to say, too much of an issue but your thighs could compete with Free Willy except for the lack of entertainment factor.

They probably would have been improved by heels but honestly, this is 2010 not 1985 no matter what the magazines try and tell you..

Yes the lady in the shop did say all you need is a long top to get away with leggings but look at her, tiny and thin (no tits mind you) and she is paid to sell stuff, regardless..

Well done for having the self respect to win the unsightliness against comfort and fashion argument and returning them to the rail tout suite, give it a month and you may have a chance of finding some Jeans that are actually comfortable to wear instead of half way down your bum with no zip and even less belt to speak of, you never know miracles do sometimes happen!

Yours with added willpower not to eat the Children’s crisps in the cupboard because they are especially bought cheesey one and you don’t like cheesey crisps…

With love and self respect



2 Responses to A note to myself – say no to silly fashion…

  1. Vegemitevix says:

    Can your good self please come shopping with me next time? Love it. Vx

    • kailexness says:

      That would be fun 😀 !

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