I’m keeping it simple with Chez Chelle this week.  I was pleased to see the ingredient is Spinach as it is a vegetable I use most weeks in season.  I like to stir baby leaves in with pasta or in a mixed salad, or just warm it through until it is bright green with a teaspoon of vinegar and eat as a vegetable (my Nana used to boil spinach with a little vinegar and give the water to my Gramp to drink, it is lovely and full of iron 🙂 )

This is a recipe I have used for a few years and was pleased to see was on the weightwatchers website, although they put creme fraiche in with the spinach, I’m not sure why I prefer it without.

Spinach and Poached Egg Muffins

1 English Muffin

1 Egg

a handful of spinach or two

a tbpn malt vinegar

Butter if desired

Salt and Pepper to taste

Bring a pan of water to the boil, add the vinegar and lightly poach the egg (I have a silicone poaching ring from Lakeland, it’s fab!).

Cut the muffin in half and butter if desired.

Place the spinach in a microwaveable dish and warm until limp and bright green, drain well, place the spinach on the bottom of the muffin and put the egg ontop of the spinach.

Put the top of the muffin on the egg and enjoy, remembering to keep a napkin handy as the egg will drip everywhere – yum!

5 Responses to Spinach…

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  2. bebarrs says:

    This is great. I’ll try making it.

  3. Alethea says:

    That looks and sounds delicious, a healthier version of eggs benedict. Will definitely try that!

  4. Michelle says:

    Sounds and looks delicious to me! And easy to make in the weekend when you don’t really feel like cooking but want to have vegetables.

  5. Jenny paulin says:

    Hmm I don’t like eggs! But if I did, I am sure this would taste lovely. Plus an easy and quick supper to make…….or brunch 🙂

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