You know you are a Mum when….

Continuing the meme theme, this is a great one started by my friend Chris at Thinly Spread, I meant to have a good go at this a while ago and, you guessed it, forgot…  So lets start right there!

1) ….there is so much to remember and so little brain that things that you enjoy as a person get side lined or forgotten, if only for a little while.

2) …. conversations about poo, it’s quality, quantity and location are a regular occurrence and significant. Also when with friends, the poo radar works so well, you know it is not your child who has a full nappy because it doesn’t smell right…

3) …. You have a natural ability to step gracefully over every brick, doll, car or train left scattered across the living room floor, my living room often resembles a war zone of toys but it’s a rare day when I step on any of it, even when I’m not looking.

4) ….Your kiss takes on mystic and supernatural healing properties.  There can be tears and screaming, blood and grazes but a kiss will make it so much better!

Image Kiss me by Lexnger

5) …. you can shut out the noise of the TV enough to concentrate on what you are doing on the lap top..  Our TV is not on all the time, don’t get me wrong! Some how shutting out kids TV is much easier than say..  motor sport or pimp my ride etc… (yawn)

6) … you just know that if you ever get out for a night and were unfortunate enough to get suckered into a karaoke your most practiced song after twinkle twinkle little star would be Nellie the Elephant (I have that ditty really polished now!)

7) … you can no longer read a fictional novel if it includes dead, abused or stolen children, or watch a TV show with the same content and the news takes on horrific qualities.

8 ) ….You answer the question “why?” three times with the same reasoning explained a slightly different way before you cotton on to the fact that you are only being asked in order to have your attention retained and your darling small is not a) interested in your answer in the slightest or b) just not listening.

9) …. Flyladies “put a load of washing on every day to keep it under control” does not cut it, that would leave me with a full laundry basket still most days…  Where does it all come from!!!  And all those odd socks??

10) …. You would walk over desserts, climb mountains, ski off glaciers, fight hungry Lions and even worse, let your daughter wear baby pink in order to see one of those truly happy smiles that make your heart explode….

I’m tagging these bloggers to have a go at this one…

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I am a Mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend but mostly I’m a woman. Time to shake off the labels and just let the words roll out….

6 Responses to You know you are a Mum when….

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  2. Kerry-Anne says:

    I love number 10! I bloody *hate* pink!

  3. Personally, my party-piece is now ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’… my boy doesn’t care for ‘Delilah’!

  4. Marylin says:

    I love these! My karaoke piece would be “You and Me”, Zack adores it and loves singing along to it. Bless his lil heart.

  5. PhotoPuddle says:

    I love this!!! Let me just add…

    4) Kissing it better does work. My daughter now demands to be kissed better and it always worked. In fact I’ve tried it the other way and she’s kissed me better before and it doesn’t work! Magic!!

    6) I think I’d do Wind The Bobbin Up!

    9) Seriously where does it come from? When it was just me and hubby washing was easily manageable but with just one little addition to the house the amount seems to have quadrupled at least!

  6. christinemosler says:

    Thanks for doing this! Those kisses are the most amazing things, that and putting your finger in the corner of their eye and telling them you have removed whatever it was that was bothering them…said in a calm, pleased voice; works every time!

    C xx

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