Social Events are Like Buses

It’s been a couple of weeks since I have posted a “real” blog post, it feels like a mild case of blogers block to be honest.  I have been struggling to sleep at night,  sometimes staring at the ceiling for what seems like hours with thoughts rushing around my head but not really coming to fruition or giving me any idea what is really bothering me but after having a good nights rest on Friday and Sunday nights I do feel like whatever was the problem, it’s melting away…

After what seems like an age of spending my evenings on my own with Daddy either on nights or going to bed just after the smalls because he is up early, I really needed to break loose, kick up my heels and sink a few with some good company and is always the way after wallowing in the social wasteland forever, two evenings out turned up on the same weekend.

Friday night I was invited to a Body Shop party, I usually avoid evenings like this like the plague but I have been to this friends parties a few times and her usual guests are not unknown to me, plus she is a special friend who I do not get to see very often.   I generally find body shop smellies too overpowering and a bit on the sickly side but I love their make-up.  I’m not a huge make-up user, I usually hide behind my big glasses keeping a low profile, if I do wash up, I like to do it well.

Saturday night I was invited to a girly dinner party at a friends house, my friend is a superb cook and loves lavishing care and attention on food and loves sharing it just as much, her friends are a really great bunch and it was a real pleasure to chat, joke and share an evening with them.  Bumping into one of the ladies a week ago she complimented me on my recent weight loss (love her) and ended up saying I was maturing well like old cheese (don’t love her so much any more…) so there was quite a lot of cheese related banter on Saturday, as you would imagine. For regular readers of my blog, the same lady featured in my Wedding Bliss post back in May, a pattern is certainly emerging…

The table was beautifully laid with a white linen table cloth, deep red linen napkins with a white rose placed on them, candles lit and the light twinkling off the glasses and cutlery.   I tried to take photo’s of the food (which was beautifully presented) with my phone but they just didn’t come out well, so sorry 😦  We had a warm goats cheese salad with Walnuts and a balsamic vinegar dressing, Fish pie with broccoli and french beans and a chocolate and caramel tart which was a bit salty and sweet at the same time and really divine, followed by very smelly cheese.  Oh, and wine, lots of wine, which is why I didn’t sleep so well on Saturday night and why once the husband got up on Sunday morning I felt obliged to crash out again for most of the morning!

The rest of October is looking interesting too, next Thursday is hair cut day which I look forward to every 6 weeks, a bit sad really but my hairdresser is really nice and although I have to take the smalls along too I enjoy it.  My mother is visiting for the day on Friday, we are due a good catch up session – I need to get my thinking cap on for something tasty for lunch.  Half term I’m meeting my sister and her daughter at Street to have a mooch around the shops, a good opportunity to look for something lovely to wear for my birthday night out.  At the end of half term we have been invited to a Halloween party, not sure how the little lady is going to react to it all, she is not a fan of halloween, we shall find out no doubt!

Weigh in day is tomorrow, with the excesses of the weekend I’m not expecting much loss, sometimes it’s these weeks that surprise you though, we shall see…

Life is good 😀


About Kailexness
I am a Mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend but mostly I’m a woman. Time to shake off the labels and just let the words roll out….

3 Responses to Social Events are Like Buses

  1. JFB57 says:

    Hurray & hello! Great to see you back! I’m sure it was mainly tiredness that got you down but whatever – it’s gone! Enjoy the upcoming events (although like the little lady, I’m happy to leave halooween off my social list!)

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  3. Thankyou, it was my pleasure, I love doing it, simple really x

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