Breaking through the gloom

This morning we had to go to Salisbury to visit the hospital, don’t worry I had an appointment and unfortunately due to traffic and tractors and my own personal ability to turn every traffic light in the world red as I approached it, we were running late.

Mummy does not like to drive with a lot of noise going on, especially when she is getting stressy at traffic lights (no swearing promise!) but I can usually put up with a little light singing.

This morning the little lady was entertaining me with her newly learnt Christmas song “We three kings” which is actually very sweet and soothing to listen to.  Half way through the little man decided to join in with his rendition of the”Special Agent OSO” theme tune.  These two do not combine well and Mummy found herself chuckling away at the front enjoying one of those precious moments provided by children that just melt your heart in the face of adversity…

and the appointment? I was about 30 seconds late…  and then had to wait 30 minutes.


Always lovely to hear from you!

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