Dream of Me

You ask me what I want, as if the magic wand of your imagination could take me anywhere.

And my mind empties and stares back at me, daring me to answer you with something, anything to acknowledge my desire.

And then, later.

Images creep out at me catching me unaware, unguarded.

Stirring in their vibrancy,

colours as clear to my eyes, as if I could reach out and trace them with my fingertips.

Fresh mountain meadows scattered with wild flowers, a shallow stream, glacier blue rushing over my feet as I splash you, laughing.

Crisp cotton sheets scented lavender freshly laundered, cut crystal glasses sparkling in candlelight.

Lying on a hill side, in the dark watching shooting stars.

Skipping over rocks finding treasure in rock pools, collecting seashells, running in the waves.

Closing my eyes and hearing a perfect orchestra, drinking in the atmosphere feeling the excitement as they rise to the crescendo.

Standing in a summer thunderstorm, face tipped up, the warm rain caressing my body.

Feeling the chill of ice on my lips.

Endless white beaches, warm seas and blue skies.

Steaming hot water surrounded by snow.

Summer picnics in the forest, the smell of the pine trees, listening to the breeze stir their branches.

Illicit meetings in crowded bars, watching you, watching me from across the room, eye contact sending sparks down my spine.

Lazy mornings, Sunday papers, hot coffee and croissants.

The warmth of your hand as you take hold of mine.

Snuggling on the sofa, the firelight glowing softly as I run my fingers through your hair.

Warm runny chocolate with strawberries and marshmallows.

Singing very loudly profoundly lost in the song.

Laughing uncontrollably tears splashing down my cheeks.

These are the some of my desires, so wave your magic wand and take me there.


3 Responses to Dream of Me

  1. Moon says:


  2. mummywalker says:

    I want to be by that rock pool or in that forest right now. Magical x

  3. I like that, especially the ‘endless white beaches’ line!

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