The Gallery: Shapes

It’s  Gallery time again, I was flummoxed by this weeks theme – Shapes – So many possibilities and yet I couldn’t settle on an idea until I overheard my LM say “Show me, show me shapes.”

So I decided he could do it this week…

So, Little Man… Show us, show us shapes…




He had a lovely morning finding these shapes for you!

Please click the cup to go to the Gallery for more shapes.


6 Responses to The Gallery: Shapes

  1. Oh well done him for helping out! Some lovely shapes there 🙂

  2. Awww, bless! Finding shapes looks like a lot of fun 🙂 x

  3. Hee hee what a little cute man he is! he has down a grand job of showing you and us some shapes. Nice pics 🙂

  4. Awww! What a lovely little helper you had for this post! That’s a great idea to get him involved.

  5. Aww how cute, fab idea!!

  6. Him Up North says:

    Aw, he obviously had lots of fun. Great idea to involve him.

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