I Heart Me Monday – How do you blog?

How do you blog…. Interesting question… How do I blog? Organically. There, that was a quick post wasn’t it!

Alright *reluctantly drags attention back from interesting twitter conversation* it’s like this…

Something tiny, an inkling or flash of an idea appears in my head and worms it’s way around my brain until it’s forming a pearl of an idea or sometimes a Moeraki Boulder of an idea and it niggles and worries at me until eventually I have to spew it into the keyboard like a volcanic erruption, punctuation comes later (or doesn’t because I’m hopeless at punctuation…)

Moeraki Boulders

This is effectively how I write everything…  Discipline, structure and often content are of no matter. Which is why I don’t write interesting commentary on newsworthy topics or join in very often with the subject led fiction,  in fact I have been waiting for ‘I Heart me Monday’ to throw up a subject that doesn’t gel enough for me to spew about – hasn’t happened yet obviously…

I often wish I could be more disciplined and focused, perhaps with practice I will, perhaps actually doing some practice might help…. At the moment though I have so much coursing my head that needs venting it’s fair to say ‘practice’ is not going to happen today….


6 Responses to I Heart Me Monday – How do you blog?

  1. Love your “organic” description. That works for me too I think 😉

    MD x

  2. marisworld says:

    Wow! Love those Moeraki boulders. Amazing photo and love your diagram too

  3. LOVE that diagram. Off to think about how I blog now too 🙂

    • kailexness says:

      I know, I’ve been waiting for ages to find somewhere to use that….

  4. Marylin says:

    I’m so with you on wishing to be more organised! Though I think then maybe I’d feel stilted in being able to post about something time-sensitively relevant, know what I mean?

  5. Julie says:

    I can’t decide if life is too short to be organised, or whether life is so short because I am disorganised.
    Either way – random blog posts work for me too!

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