Gluttony and the Desire for Spicy Food…

This is not a sponsored post – but it should be!

Gluttony is not a new experience to me but it has been some time since I indulged myself with it, after reaching my target weight a week or so ago I was quite ready to throw caution to the wind and stuff my face unceremoniously!  So I have been looking forward to my friend Jane’s 40th Birthday night out and a visit to Jimmy Spices a new restaurant in Bath. Jane is a total foodie, (obsessive much – I know she will agree with me about that, I expect to see a comment from her on this post too…) so any restaurant she chose was going to be fabulous.

I did have a quick surf over their mouth watering website just to check that himself would find something to eat on the night but with such variety on offer I need not have worried….

The picture above is one of the chefs stations,yes, just one… It’s a free for all eat as much as you like buffet, you grab a plate and go for it and for £16 each I can’t help feeling we got a bargain, of course in my non-spicey food home life I crave for Indian and Thai food and would have probably paid much more!

This was my second plate full, I started with Sweet and Sour Chicken and another chinese dish so I could have a pile of rice to soak up the glass of wine I had enjoyed a bit too much on an empty stomach at All Bar One (I love that place…) so rather than go for the curry next I went for the dim sum, the flavours being so much more delicate.  The steamed fish was incredible! I also had Thai curry and Indian curry a selection of samosas and and and….

Pudding.  I’m not a pudding fan really, I can usually leave it but there was a chocolate fountain with marshmallows that had a rather loud siren call to my stomach…  This cheffy chap spend all evening pulverizing sweets into ice cream, so I took pleasure in watching him smash some malteasers into some chocolate ice cream for me.

This is my friend Ellie and I, the fingers belong to my husband… Hmmm they never grow up do they?

If someone asks me to go to Jimmy Spices again I will be grabbing the car keys and heading out the door before they can change their mind, I might even indulge myself on a trip to the city one day!


The highlight of my evening was being dragged into the Men’s toilet (by my husband) to see this picture, if you need to ask me why you have obviously not read enough of my blog… Go to it!




2 Responses to Gluttony and the Desire for Spicy Food…

  1. Blogswallop says:

    What a shame we dont have a flat near Bath anymore – nice car by the way!

  2. Aly says:

    Haven’t visited Bath in ages and I don’t think I’ve ever eaten out there.Well, a proper evening meal any way.It’s only half 6 in the morning and you got salivating over curry.

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