You know it’s been a tough week when…

WARNING: This blog post contains more drivel than usual… You will be forgiven if you leave now 😉

Yes, this has been a tough week and to be quite honest I’m not entirely sure why… The house is still in mayhem with the kitchen in a half built state, the contents of the cupboards seem to be liberally distributed all over the rest of the house and the dust is horrific…

Last weekend I had a chesty cough and during the week both children were ill, along with a few other things which are niggling the old nerves I have been expecting a bout of insomnia to kick in as it usually does but no, what I get is a loss of Mojo…
My blogging mojo has gone, flown the coup, it’s a dead parrot. Which is why I’m writing this uninteresting batch of drivel because I felt today, for the first time this week that I really ought to just write something, anything, to try and shift the blockage… If this wasn’t a familyish blog I’d be saying “my brain is f*****” but it is so we will stick to “full of cotton wool.”

I have a short story half finished and haven’t been able to edit the book at all, I missed I heart me monday this week (miffed) and also The Gallery (miffed I tell you!) and my tweeting has been less than inspiring…I probably need some TLC, all suggestions welcome…

Oh dear *shrugs* I guess it happens to us all every once in a while…..

2 Responses to You know it’s been a tough week when…

  1. Blogswallop says:

    I am so with you – lots of material but lacking the mojo and time – I want to take myself out of my world and look back in at it – ie with a coffee (preferably wine) in a cafe all by myself and write it long hand (I have to write it all out long hand first! (Old School) – itll be back

  2. Marylin says:

    I get that sometimes too… pain in the… er… neck!
    Just remember it’s up to you when you post on your blog. if you’re not feeling it at the moment, don’t let yourself feel guilty about it! I know for me that’s A- easier said than done, and B- something that causes me to be more likely to not want to blog. >_<
    Not much help here, sorry! x

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