I Heart Me : Making Today Easier…

Biting the Bullet of my current inability to write anything of anything I’m carrying on regardless with

Where ‘notes’ asked us this week

Week #7 question:

What could you do today to make your life easier?

Today is a Monday – you noticed! Well done 😉 Normally on Monday’s I have 3 hours of unadulterated #metime whilst both smalls are at nursery. The past 3 Monday’s Daddy has been home and as much as I like that I miss my #me. Today it is school holidays in this little corner of England so once again no #metime, thinking about what I could do today to make my life easier made me think ahead a little… Something I rarely do in my mad slapdash approach to my life.

My small people wake early, the little lady will be awake from 5 something most mornings and this morning it was 5.15am. Last night I planted the seed in her mind, get up and turn the TV on and it will be on the right channel… she did (and then woke me up because she wanted a Barbie film.. but hey, it’s a start!) Then I had some activities loosely planned, the little man was ill over the weekend so we are having a stay at home day.  So after Barbie they had a bath, they love that and usually stay in as long as possible, then we played Wii Just Dance which had me in fits of muffled laughter, toddlers are just like cats when you laugh at them.  After lunch we are doing beading and then the cars and trains will be out… Which takes us to dinner which I have planned instead of the “wonder what is in the freezer” mayhem that usually ensues.

So far so good I have to say, I’m already thinking what I might be able to plan for tomorrow, if the day is brighter I think some fresh air might be in order – garden tidy up or duck feeding.

and perhaps I might consider doing this planning thing again!

I think it’s unlikely, hopeless case *chuckles*.



About Kailexness
I am a Mother, a wife, a lover, a daughter, a friend but mostly I’m a woman. Time to shake off the labels and just let the words roll out….

5 Responses to I Heart Me : Making Today Easier…

  1. Marylin says:

    It’s amazing how much better the day goes when you’ve planned it eh! 🙂

    • kailexness says:

      Until the Mice and Men get involved – LOL!

  2. worldofamummy says:

    I love the idea of setting the TV to CBeebies or Disney the night before! Glad today went well for you!

  3. Planning is the way to easier days, just like routine and all those other things we know for certain and are reminded often by “parenting gurus”. Don’t forget to have the days where you just go wild too. By wild I do of course mean staying in your pj’s, feeding the kids crisps and chocolate and watching dvd’s and blog surfing at same time. Those days make your feel really good when you do manage a “planned” day.

    Or maybe it’s just me….?

    MD x

  4. So late to comment this week – sorry.
    Hope you have had a great happy planning style half term.
    Hope there were non planned days too ;-).

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