Daddy Long Legs!

At 6ft 4 inches, Daddy is no shorty. This was the main problem we encountered 3 years ago when we were trying to find a suitable new car, unfortunately even after having the new car it’s still a issue we face every long road trip. Over half of his height is in his legs and in the car we purchased the drivers seat can’t be adjusted enough to allow him to drive comfortably for any length of time.  Perhaps we were silly to buy the C4 Grand Picasso knowing that the seat didn’t go back far enough but the finance deal was good and it seemed like the perfect solution at the time.

So, this week the car has had it’s first MOT and thankfully passed with flying colours, next month the finance finishes as we can’t help hankering after our old Ford Explorer wondering if we should consider our options, perhaps look at personal loans to top up the trade in price and get a car which will actually “fit” Daddy better?

But what to trade too? The Ford Explorer we used to have was perfect for boot space (the camping equipment takes up a huge space), height – a consideration for me hauling two toddlers into their car seats with my dodgy back and the odd 4×4 venture whilst geocaching but it guzzled fuel and eventually I got to a point where I just couldn’t go anywhere very often. We also tried a Chrysler Grand Voyager which was amazing but also costly… I also have to consider if I want to partake in the endless round of car showrooms again, the prospect is not inviting.  Or, seeing as Daddy is the secondary driver in our house normally only doing the long haul/weekend trips  do we bite the bullet for a while and enjoy the extra money at this incredibly hard time? Perhaps even consider the possibility of a holiday!

Always lovely to hear from you!

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