Silent Sunday; Daddies Little Helper

Silent Sunday

10 Responses to Silent Sunday; Daddies Little Helper

  1. Mañana Mama says:

    Cute! So very handy from such a young age – lucky daddy. Cool wellies too.

  2. And what a lovely little helper he is, too!

  3. This brings back memories of my friends little girl who helped Daddy to wash the car, she found her own sponge – WIRE WOOL!!! Needless to say Daddy wasn’t happy!

  4. jfb57 says:

    It just got to be – water – yeah!

  5. Him Up North says:

    Ah, wish I’d trained my two to do this…

  6. Mummy Bean says:

    What a cool dude… and helpful!

  7. SAHMlovingit says:

    Can he come and do mine when he’s finished? 😉

  8. marisworld says:

    Oh the joy of helping daddy! Great shot – love the expression

  9. MuddynoSugar says:

    And he looks like he hasn’t been paid to do it ! Impressive x

  10. Hehe, he looks pleased with himself! Fab wellies too 🙂

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