A New Friend – Angelina

We have new member of the family. Last Wednesday, a guest arrived at our house sporting a pink tutu, a small bag and several classy accessories and wormed her way into my daughters affections. I say wormed but actually to be honest the word I should use is Moused.

Enter Angelina Mousling, the want to be ballerina and star aka the Angelina Ballerina Dance and Sing Doll, which is part of the new range of Angelina toys by Mattel.

This is her face when Angelina arrived

Love at first sight…

….And since last Wednesday my world has been dominated by mousey pinkness pirouetting around the house with the little lady singing along with the catchy tune “I’m a real star” and even the piece of classical music she plays to leap to.

She has been everywhere with us, dancing her way through her days… The Little Lady worked out exactly how to get the music and dancing going within seconds of the packet being open in the way that children do, squeezing the dolls middle so her arms and legs move into pirouettes and leaps and the music plays; and yes Mums, there is an off button (phew) if you can get away with using it…

and as soon as she put Angelina down for two seconds? The little man swept her up and danced her around the room for over an hour! I couldn’t help thinking that this reaction to a toy is exactly what parents look for from birthdays and Christmases…

Yes, I’m afraid Angelina Mousling is here to stay, if not take over…..


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