Angelina Visits a Store Near You!

It’s been drawn to my attention that Angelina Ballerina is doing some visits to John Lewis stores around the country, these start tomorrow so I thought I’d let ‘you’ know.

Here are the dates and locations:

Saturday 9 April John Lewis, Oxford Street; appearances between 10am -4pm

Sunday 10 April John Lewis, Blue water; appearances between 10am -4pm

Tuesday 12 April John Lewis, High Wycombe; appearances between 11am -4pm

Saturday 16 April – John Lewis, Peter Jones store, Sloan Square; appearances between 10am -4pm

Saturday 17 April John Lewis. WestQuay, Southampton; appearances between 11am -4pm

Saturday 23 April – John Lewis, Cheadle; appearances between 10am – 3pm

During the visits to the stores the children can have their photo’s taken with the star and will receive a gift too! *Quickly rearranges the diary* Angelina had been such a huge hit with my daughter I think we may have to go and meet her…


“Can I watch my DVD” – what we thought of the Pop Star DVD

A new friend – Angelina – what we thought of the Dance and Sing Doll


Always lovely to hear from you!

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